We were recently sent a Karcher Window Vac for review, something DaddyGeek has been after for a while (a dream combination that satisfies his love of both gadgets and cleaning!)

The Window Vac is the first window vacuum cleaner on the market and is intended to save you time when cleaning windows and other smooth surfaces, such as tiles, shower screens and mirrors.

Whenever I’ve mentioned the Window Vac to others, they’ve always assumed it actually does the cleaning too – that’s not the case, you’re still going to need to get out the detergent and cloth!

What it does do however is prevent the need for mountains of paper towels to mop up the water, whilst leaving you with a streak-free finish.

It takes around 2 hours to fully charge, giving you 15 minutes of continuous use.

Eager to give it a try, Hubby’s first attempt was with our patio doors – which hadn’t been cleaned for some time! After scrubbing the windows with a cloth and some detergent, he set to it with the window vac, while I watched him work.

The following review is DaddyGeek’s summary, as he is the primary user…

It does make some noise in use, best described as similar to the sound of a small hairdryer.  However, it’s light and, despite it’s size, fairly agile in use.

It took me a few attempts to figure out the best way of using the window vac – especially figuring out the best motion to use (eventually I figured out that side-to-side worked better than up-and-down for me). Getting a streak-free finish takes some practice, but definitely easier than a squeegee.

You have to ensure good contact with the glass, so small windows might be a challenge with this – though I have since learned that you can buy smaller heads, which would make this easier.

The water is sucked off the glass and collected in a small tank at the front of the vac, which is easily emptied after use.

My first attempt with the window vac probably wasn’t any quicker than a squeegee, but I put that down to the ‘learning curve’ required to use it effectively.  It did however give me a better result than I’m typically able to achieve with the squeegee.  The below image shows a soapy, half cleaned window – see the streak-free, dry side?

My next experiment was in the kitchen. We have a large ‘Mirror TV’ in
there. (It looks like a regular mirror, but doubles as a TV). I
sprayed some regular glass cleaner on the mirror, and took the vac
straight to it (no cloth this time). The result was perfect first time,
though this could have been because I’d already practiced my technique
with the patio doors.

I had less success with tiles however. Our
kitchen tiles are relatively small (mosaics), and a lot of moisture
remained on the grout – for the vac to work well, it needs good contact
with the material.

One fantastic use for it that I accidentally
discovered was gloss kitchen cabinets. We have black gloss cabinets
(they seemed like a great idea, pre-children!) that require constant
cleaning. I’ve previously used glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to
do this, but it is quite frankly back-breaking work. The window vac is
perfect for this – a quick spray of the cleaner and the vac straight on
to it works a treat, and does give the streak-free finish that is often
so hard to achieve with black gloss. The drawer cabinets are tricky to
do with this (primarily because we have *very* long handles that kept
getting in the way) – but I think the smaller head would solve this for

As well as shower screens, it’s also suitable to car
bodywork – though I haven’t had chance to test this yet. I recently
discovered that my mother (very much a technophobe) has one
of these and uses to it remove condensation from windows – a use I
hadn’t even thought of.

For most people, at an RRP of £69.99, it’s
not cheap – and I’d probably put it in the ‘nice to have’ category
rather than ‘must have’. It does make life a little easier, and dare I
say makes cleaning that bit more fun (for DaddyGeek, at any rate)! For us, the fact we can use it to
keep our gloss kitchen clean with minimal effort certainly makes it
worthwhile. I’d give it 4/5 and would recommend it to people with a lot
of smooth, shiny surfaces to clean.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Window Vac to review, but all words and opinions are my own (and DaddyGeeks!).


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