Syd was 7 last month, and she absolutely loves making slime. When I was asked to review So Slime DIY Color-Change Slime Shakers, I knew Syd would be happy to help. We received a 3 pack of So Slime DIY Color-Change Slime Shakers. They are suitable for children age 6 and over, and this set has an RRP of Ā£9.99.

So Slime DIY Color Change Slime Shakers – Watch Us Make Them

Rather than spending ages explaining each step of the making process, Syd and I filmed the process. So feel free to watch us make the slime here!

What’s Inside Each Color Change Slime Shakers Tub?

Inside each slime shaker tub is a sachet of slime powder, a secret surprise, some glitter and instructions. As I show several times in the video, it is important you take care when finding the fill line. If you put too much water in, your slime won’t solidify.

so slime diy Color Change Slime Shakers review - fill line on pot

How Does It Work

We followed the instructions on the back of the pack, and found it easy enough to make…

  • Remove contents from the tub
  • Unwrap the surprise toy then put it back into to the tub
  • Add the slime powder and glitter to the tub
  • Add water up to the fill line
  • Put the lid back onto the tub
  • Shake for 30 seconds
  • Remove the lid then wait 5 minutes

Once you’ve waited 5 minutes, your slime will have set, so you can remove it and play! Or pop the lid on and give it to a friend.

The slime changes colour as it warms in your hand. It’s really therapeutic to watch, and the slime doesn’t stick to your hands when made with the correct ratio of water.

My Thoughts

All told, I think Color Change Slime Shakers are good value. I love that kids get to experience making their own slime without all of the worries and mess usually associated with it. Additionally, parents only need to add water, so it’s less hassle than making it from scratch. I’d definitely recommend it as a gift for slime loving kids!

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