If your household is anything like mine, chances are you’d all be lost if your broadband went off. It’s pretty much become one of the utility bills here. Home broadband is almost necessary, rather than being optional. With that in mind, I’ve been wondering about the average cost of UK home broadband. Read on to find out if you’re paying too much, and how to get the best deal for your household.

The Average Cost Of UK Home Broadband

Until recently, we were paying over £90 per month for Sky broadband and TV. The TV was only used for kids programmes though, so we decided to cancel it. We’d had a few issues with the service being too slow in the evening, so were keen to try a new provider. I was amazed we could get 63 Mbps broadband for £27 per month. That’s without having to continue paying BT line rental separately, too! (I’ll break down what Mbps are and how many you need a little later in this post). 

How To Make Sure You Get The Best Deal

If you live by yourself and only use the internet to check your emails once a week. Or to do a bit of online shopping in the run up to Christmas, you won’t need a super fast connection. 11Mbps is fine if you aren’t going to be listening to music, watching lots of videos or downloading large games files.

If you’ve got 3 teenagers all doing homework and facetime… You’ll want to opt for the fastest unlimited connection you can find. Make sure you check out the latest broadband deals to get the best one for your money.

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The Average Speed Of UK Home Broadband

In case you’re not particularly clued up on broadband speeds, I’ll break it down a little… Mbps means megabits per second. The higher the number, the faster your broadband speed is. Some people think that this number is only important if you are downloading large files to your device over broadband. This is not the case.

If you’re streaming a TV show on Netflix, that uses around 5Mbps. So if your connection speed is only 11Mbps, you will have to do a lot of buffering before the show will run… If any other devices are connected to the internet too. Your mobile phone might be in your pocket, but those push messages you get sent from social media, apps and email all use data, too.

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My Thoughts

We live in an area which doesn’t offer a cable connection, so our fastest speed is 67Mbps. This is just about fast enough for us. My childhood home can now offer speeds of 362Mbps… I can only dream of how fast websites would load on that kind of connection! My advice is to make sure you opt for a connection which is going to be able to handle your family’s internet use. An 11mbps connection wouldn’t handle mine alone, never mind my husband’s and the kids. Additionally, set a reminder when your contract is up to shop around again to make sure you’re not paying over the odds.

Finally, if this post on the cost of UK home broadband has been useful, check out more of my geeky stuff here!

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