Every coffee lover longs for that perfect cup of coffee in the morning. It’s that first brew, which sets them up for the day. So if your first cup of the day wasn’t great… Read on to find out why a good coffee grinder is essential. People tend to think they need to get themselves the best espresso machine they can get their hands on, to improve the coffee they make at home. You may think that the brewing apparatus is the most important tool in preparing a good coffee. However it isn’t so. It’s the grinder which is critical to getting you a fine cup of coffee.

Why A Good Coffee Grinder is Essential

A grinder is largely responsible for the quality and flavour of the coffee. Coffee that is freshly ground tastes much better than pre-ground or packed coffee. Even beans that you ground yourself a night or a day beforehand won’t taste as good as freshly ground beans. Read on for a brief look at the need of grinding beans for a good cup of coffee. This post will help you to understand the importance of a good coffee grinder.

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Fresh Grounded Coffee or Pre-Ground Coffee – Better Choice?

The flavour of the coffee rests on the extraction of the coffee once it comes in contact with the water. Additionally, the amount of coffee that is actually in contact which depends upon the size of the ground coffee particles. Grinding the coffee allows the water to efficiently extract the solubles from coffee. It is these solubles, which are responsible for the aroma and taste in coffee. The pre-ground coffee beans are not as good, since they get stale even before you have bought them.

There is no doubt that the freshly ground coffee is better than the pre-ground beans. However the process of grinding and more importantly the choice of a good (right) grinder is also crucial for a fine tasting cup of coffee. When it comes to buying equipment for brewing coffee, your main investment needs to be your grinder – which any barista courses in london will teach you. There are many varieties of grinders available in the UK. Additionally, there are numerous companies producing grinders. It is therefore essential to choose a good grinder, no matter what type of coffee drink you’re making.

Types of Coffee Grinder

There are basically two types of grinders – blade grinder and the burr grinder. The blade grinder consists of a blade, like a plane’s propeller, that slices up the beans. A burr grinder has two oscillating, serrated discs known as burrs. They do not cut the beans but crush and grind them. This results in a fairly uniform particle size. Burr grinders come in two variations: Flat Burrs and Conical Burrs. Both of these are generally made of two materials – steel and ceramic.

The advantages of a blade grinder is that they are cheap, and therefore accessible for beginner brewers. However, the fact it produces an uneven grind is a serious issue, which cannot be overlooked. Alternatively, burr grinders are precise and give better consistency in the grind. Although they are more expensive, and larger than the blade grinders. It therefore comes down to choosing the right burr grinder for any Coffee Geek.


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Since a good coffee grinder is essential for a good brew of coffee… There are at least three reasons for understanding the importance of a good coffee grinder.

Coarseness and Consistency of the Grind

A cup of coffee generally has only two ingredients – water and coffee. The taste of coffee depends a lot on the coarseness of the coffee ground, and the consistency of the grind. When it comes to grinding coffee beans, consistency is the key. By using a grinder, you can alter the consistency of grinds… Depending on your choice of brewing method. A good grinder makes sure that the ground coffee does not clump together. Additionally, it will make sure that the beans remain cool, while being ground.

Uniformity of the Grind

The quality of brewed coffee rests heavily on the uniformity of grind. The blade grinders, which can be found under £20 in stores do not grind the beans uniformly. So some particle sizes may be very fine, while a few may be large chunks. The extraction from these variable sizes of particles will vary. So the finer particle sizes may over extract, while the large chunks may hardly extract any of their flavour at all. Therefore it is wise to avoid the blade grinders if you are looking for a crisp and consistent taste in your coffee. The burr grinders do a better job of uniformly grinding the coffee beans than the blade grinders. This means you’re getting an even extract of coffee from all the ground particles.

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Variety in Grinding

A good grinder has multiple grind settings ranging from fine to coarse grinding. Each brewing method works with certain grind consistency. In other words, there is an ideal grind profile attached to every brewing method. For instance fine grind is ideal for espressos. While medium grind is more suitable for flat bottomed drip coffee makers. Additionally, French press and percolators taste best when the grind is coarse. A good burr grinder avails these varieties to you ,with different grind settings.

With regular improvements being made, people keep looking for a perfect grinder for themselves. There are some very good grinders available in the market now. These will do an amazing job of making sure that you can make yourself good coffee. At the end of the day, it is all about that amazing cup of coffee. Hopefully, you now understand there are two things that are vital to this. Firstly, freshly grounded coffee rather than pre-ground coffee. Secondly, a good grinder that ensures consistency, coarseness and uniformity in grinding along with the choices in particle sizes that are grounded.

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