Rainbocorns first appeared on the market last year, and have grown in popularity ever since. When we were asked to take part in the Zuru Toys Series 2 Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise global hatching day, I knew Syd would be happy to join in! Read on to see what we thought of the Season 2 Rainbocorns.

Series 2 Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Review

If you have children under 12, chances are you’re more than familiar with surprise toys. They have taken the internet and the toy market by storm. Each Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise Series 2 is a massive upgrade on the 50p “lucky bags” we had in my day. We received one of the new Series 2 Rainbocorns to review. They are suitable for children aged 3+ and have an RRP of £24.99 each. There are 6 different animal breeds available, and 13 different styles. You can get: Llamacorns, Unicorns, Pandacorns, Flamingocorns, Lioncorns, and Owlcorns. They are available in  Smyths, Argos, Asda, The Entertainer, Tesco and B&M stores from July.

Series 2 Rainbocorns Unboxing Video

Rather than spending ages explaining everything which was included inside our Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Series 2 egg, we made this video so you can see for yourself…

What’s inside a Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise?

Each series 2 egg contains 10 layers to hatch. Inside, you will find:

  • A scented, cuddly plush.
  • The surprise sequins heart clip.
  • One or two of the new Boo-Boocorns designs, hidden inside a mini egg of its own.
  • A sheet of stickers.
  • 3 sticks of gooey Rainbocorn poop.
  • A Secret surprise accessory for you. (We got a bracelet).
  • A collectors sheet, so you can check off the Sequin Surprises you have and find out if yours is rare or not.

Series 2 Rainbocorns - some of the options available

The series 2 Rainbocorns collection boasts three different Rainbocorn toys, So there’s one to suit everyones budget. The Rainbocorn sparkle hearts are priced at £9.99 each. It comes with a smaller, surprise cuddly Rainbocorn character, some Rainbocorn poop and a baby Boo-Boocorn. This will change colour when you put it into cold water, so there’s even more fun to be had! Sparkle Hearts are suitable for ages 3 and over, from July 2019.

The Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise, which we are focusing on in this review and a much larger Rainbocorns Big Bow. This one comes with a larger surprise cuddly toy, and 25 surprises. The Rainbocorns Big Bows are priced at £49.99 each, and Syd has already asked for one for Christmas. I love that the different price points make Rainbocorns affordable to most people for gifts. These will be available from October, so are sure to be a hot gift for Christmas!

Our Thoughts

As the video showed, Syd was very excited when opening her Series 2 Rainbocorns egg. They fact one egg contains so many surprises is a great idea. I love that each item is wrapped individually so your child is getting extra “surprise gifts” to open. Additionally, I love that the main egg itself isn’t something your child will just throw away, like so many other toys of this nature.

series 2 Rainbocorns Flamingocorn being held by a young girl

One thing I was disappointed in was the amount of plastic waste wrappers. I wish Zuru had used paper wrapping for the interior items, or at least provided a reusable egg to put the poop into so it doesn’t go straight to landfill. This product is no worse than others on the market though, though. so it’s not a huge problem for most people. We are trying hard to reduce our landfill waste though, so it was something I noticed.

Syd loved the fact her Rainbocorn smells, and the scented unicorn poop was a big hit with her too…! As you saw in the video, she mixed all 3 pieces together, and made an amazing smelling “fruit salad”. This was how it looked….

Rainbocorn poop


All told, I think Series 2 Rainbocorns are great value. They offer a lot more for your money than other, similar products do. Additionally, I love the scented aspect of this toy, and can see it being well received by many kids. My son has Autism, and has taken to carrying the egg shell around with him. He loves the scent of the Flamingocorn, as well as the sensory aspect of the sequins and breaking open the egg. I’m definitely going to recommend it to others, and will be buying some of the smaller ones to give as gifts at Christmas.

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