If you read my blog regularly, you probably already know that my son, Sam has Autism. One of the ways he releases frustration is to chew. We’ve been Chewigem customers for years now, and are now one of their Brand Ambassadors.

Chewigem Glow Discovery Box

Earlier this month, Sam received the Glow Discovery Box. This box has an RRP of £29.99 and it contains: Included in this box is a button pendant, a medium strength child tread bangle, hexichew (which can double as a hand fidget and a chew), a Chewipal, (which can be used with the hexichew or bangle to attach it to clothes, buggies, wheel chairs, iPads etc).


Also included is a ‘Chewing diary’ booklet, which allows the chewer to record when and why they chew. This can help higher functioning chewers get an idea of when any why they chew, and hopefully break other chewing habits by redirecting them back to an appropriate chew.

How did it look?

The Discovery Box is presented in a beautiful gift box (shown above), and its an ideal present for the chewer in your life. It would cost over £40 to buy all of the included items individually, so it’s a great value bundle too. Sam took a particular shine to the Button and the Hexichew.

Chewigem Glow Discovery Box.


Sam chews on the button a lot, but tends to use the Hexichew as more of a hand fidget. He particularly likes counting the “branches” on the Hexichew, and feeling the different textures on them. (See below how some branches have spots and some have stripes).

Chewigem Glow Discovery Box.

The real wow factor about this Discovery Box comes when you switch the lights off though…

Chewigem Glow Discovery Box.

As you can see, the 4 Chewigem items all glow in the dark! These have been a lifesaver since Sam gave up his Dummy, as he’s had the bracelet and Hexichew in bed with him to chew during the night.

There’s something included in the Glow Discovery Box for all types of chewer… The Button is firm and great for aggressive chewers. The Hexichew has a combination of extra flexible loops on the end of 3 of the branches and 3 firm balls on the other 3. The Chewipal is flexible and a little stretchy too. The Bangle is medium strength. (The one included is child’s size. They don’t at present make a Glow in the dark bangle in Adult sizes, but you can swap out the Glow bangle for an adult size one in another colour if you’re buying it for an adult).

All told, I highly recommend the Glow Discovery Box. If you know a chewer, it’s well worth purchasing this bundle.

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