Chewigem Subscription Box

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that my son, Sam has Autism. One way in which he deals with what’s going on around him is by biting and chewing on stuff. This used to involve him biting people and chewing clothes or dummies until we discovered Chewigem. We have been loyal and regular customers for over 2 years now, so when they asked us to become ambassadors and review the new Platinum Chewigem Subscription Box, I was very excited!

Rather than spending ages explaining what was inside, I made this video so you can see for yourself what’s inside this Chewigem Subscription Box…


The box itself was made from high quality cardboard, and it had a magnetic clasp. Hubby immediately claimed the empty box to use to store bits and bobs in down at his allotment. Inside the box was a beautifully wrapped parcel…

Chewigem Subscription Box


As the video shows, the Chewigem Subscription Box contained 2 Chews  – the Child Tread Bangle in Green (RRP £8.95), a Button Necklace in Blue & Purple (RRP £13.45), plus a Chewigem Lanyard (RRP £3.95). The total RRP was £26.95, and shipping is usually £3 as well, so it worked out £9.96 cheaper buying via aChewigem Subscription Box!

Chewigem Subscription Box


As I have come to expect with Chewigem, all of the items were well made and looked great. The Button necklace was Sam’s favourite of the two. He wore it every day for well over 2 weeks – until we went on a light aircraft flight and I didn’t notice him remove it. We’ve ordered a replacement though so Sam will be super pleased once it arrives. The Button was super firm and great for aggressive chewers.

Chewigem Subscription Box

The Tread Bangle wasn’t really Sam’s cup of tea. He isn’t a fan of wearing things on his wrists, and the bracelet was tossed aside as soon as he saw it. I tried popping it onto the lanyard but he wasn’t interested. My thinking is that it was a bit too bulky for him. I was really impressed at how which the tread was on it though. It was much more flexible than the button and could easily be bent in half to chew with back teeth, not just front.

Chewigem Subscription Box

Final Word:

It’s a bit like Roulette trying to find chews for our kids. I have spent a fortune over the years on chews which Sam’s rejected. I’m lucky I have a good circle of special needs mum friends and we all pass on rejected items. I gave the Tread Bangle to one of Sam’s chewer friends who took to it straight away. The saving made via the Chewigem Platinum Chewer Club makes the rejected items a bit less frustrating. Any money saved is a big plus in the current climate.

I’d definitely recommend the Platinum Chewer Club. It’s easy to set up, easy to cancel, saves money and allows you to join the Chewigem VIC Facebook group. This is a secret group set up for chewers, their parents or guardians to talk about chewing issues in a supportive place. You may also be invited to submit ideas for future products. Or possibly even test some products before they go on sale. You’ll also get access to special learning material aimed at chewers and their carers, plus other perks besides.

All told, I’d highly recommend it and am happy to be a ChewiGem Ambassador.

Chewigem Subscription Box

I was sent the box to review, but all words and opinions are my own.



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