Sam loves cause and effect toys, so I knew he’d love Squeeze Poppers when we were asked to review them. Each Squeeze Popper has an RRP of £7.99 and is suitable for children aged 4 and over. We received the Dog, Emoji Poop and the DinoSqueeze Poppers

Rather than spending ages explaining how they work, I filmed Sam using his…

As you can see, Sam loves the Squeeze Popper as much as I expected. The down side to this is the dogs also love them! So much so, they ate the poop emoji one before I had a chance to let the kids play with it.

Squeeze Poppers

How do Squeeze Poppers work?

You have to push one of the included balls into the hole and then squeeze the Squeeze Poppers’ tummy (or squeeze the poo)! This forces the ball out of the hole and it flies across the room. The blurb on the packaging says they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but definitely don’t use them outdoors on a windy day. or you’ll be knocking on your neighbours’ doors to retrieve the balls as they fly much further than the quoted 20 feet if a gust of wind catches them. This is the official video of them being played with…

All told, we had great fun with the Squeeze Poppers. Sam absolutely loved them. I sent the dog one into school with him, for his special needs teacher to use it for cause and effect fun with him and his classmates – she loved it too, and reported that most of Sam’s classmates enjoyed playing with it as well.

They are great value for money and I’d definitely recommend them as a fun gift idea.

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