I Need Your Help

It is very expensive paying for the BatMobile’s fuel, so I really really need your help to win a Nissan Leaf Electric Car.

I am a complete geek and have been after an electric car for well over a year now. Most of my driving is local, so an electric car would be ideal for us. When I heard Nissan were running a Europe-Wide competition to give one away, I knew I had to enter.

All I need you to do is click the ‘Turn On’ button below. That’s it. I’ll be very very grateful if you do.

Also, if I am lucky enough to win one of the weekly New iPad prizes, I’ll be giving it away as a competition prize, so there’s an extra reason for you to vote for me.

Pretty Pretty Please click the ‘Turn On’ button below. Thanking you in advance!!

PS I am already in 6th place overall for the competition, so let’s see if us Bloggers can make it happen for one of our own!! 

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