Free Days Out – Worden Park

A few weeks ago, we headed up to Worden Park in Chorley. We had never been before and didn’t really know what to expect. 

It was a cool Sunday morning, and we arrived at around 10.30 ish. We headed into the car park and were impressed that it was free. (Our local park charges £1.50 to for parking). We found a space then popped the kids into their stroller and went off for a walk. 

Before long, we found the miniature railway. This is a free ride on railway, which is manned and maintained entirely by volunteers and miniature railway enthusiasts.  I decided to take Sam on. I popped £2 into the donations box and on we got. 

You sit on what is best described as a “school style bench”. It’s length ways, so you have one leg on either side of the seat (which is padded). I sat Sam in front of me, and he had a small ledge to hold onto as well. (The photo below shows it better than I can describe it).

The train set off, and Sam began grinning. I’m not sure if it was the fact he was on a “choo choo” or the feeling of the wind in his face, but he loved it! We were on the short train, so it took about 1.5 minutes to do its lap, then we got off in the same station we had set off from.

Sam was not happy about getting off the train. He kept on trying to
toddle and crawl back to it. In the end, I carried him further up the
path and distracted him. 

Next, we had a look around the formal
gardens. It was like going back in time. The area was peaceful, the
gates were all very 1800’s in style and looked like they may well be
originals. I could have sat there all day, watching the world go by.

Next, we headed to the
hedge maze. This was planted in the 1800’s and it drove hubby mad trying
to find our way to the centre. It was very satisfying once we did
though. I can’t wait to try again once the hedges are in bloom and it’s
harder to see what is ahead of you.

After this, we headed back to
the railway area, and I took Sam on the longer, steam miniature railway.
This ran off coal! I was very impressed! This train felt a bit bumpier
but it went further and was great fun. Sam loved it again. I was
pointing out plants and people to him.

The weather wasn’t great,
and it looked like it was about to rain, so we had a speedy picnic on
the park benches, before heading back to the car.

We had a
lovely day, though and I can’t wait to go back and see what else the
park has to offer. I hear the playground is amazing. I think a picnic there as soon as the sun reappears is definitely on my to do list.

To find out more about Worden Park, click here.

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