If you follow me on social media, you probably know we had no heating or hot water earlier this month when our boiler packed in. While waiting for the part to arrive, the guys at Maplin offered to send us one of their Fan Heaters to review. 2 days later, the A61WA Fan Heater arrived, and I was beyond excited to get it open. 

fan heater

The fan heater has an RRP of £12.99, so I wasn’t expecting much from it. I was wrong to judge it by its price tag though. Once out of the packaging, the fan looked sturdy. It was easy to use and the controls weren’t stiff to turn like other heaters we’ve had in the past. 

fan heater

I particularly loved the safety button on the bottom. This made the heater automatically shut off whenever the unit was lifted. This is brilliant if you’ve got kids young or pets. The heater has two control dials – the one on the left lets you increase the temperature of the heater. The one on the right lets you choose between OFF, FAN, Heater level 1 and heater level 2. 

fan heater

The Fan Heater is 2KWH and it quickly heats up and warms our kitchen. We’ve had our old fan heater for around 6 years, but this one definitely throws heat further into the room and warms up faster too. 

The fan isn’t silent by any means, but it isn’t noisy either. It was fine to use in the kitchen and I could still hear the radio over it at the same volume its always on. For £12.99 I’d highly recommend it. 

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