Sam’s Autism Assessment

Today, Sam had his dual assessment with the speech therapist and clinical psychologist. First, we spent an hour with the Speech Therapist. She let Sam play with toys on the floor while asking me lots of questions about his progress. I joined in playing with Sam in between talking, and she tried to play and engage with Sam too.

After an hour, we moved to the clinical psychologist’s room. She tried to get Sam to complete some simple tasks (retrieve a bracelet from under a cloth), put some blocks into a cup etc). Sam was pretty tired by this point, so wasn’t very co-operative.

The end result was the speech therapist said he has got some issues with
social interaction, learning, play, development & speech. She said they can’t and won’t diagnose anything at this stage, but that Sam will now be able to access extra support. (Speech therapy, early nursery place, access to support groups for us both).

So now, we are waiting for their findings to be passed back to Sam’s Pediatrician who will then contact me to start arranging these things.

I can’t decide if I am happy they are listening to me, or gutted my concerns were correct. I guess it’ll take a bit of time to sink in.

I know we are a long way from an Autism diagnosis yet, and that by getting help so soon I have given him the best start possible, but I can’t shake off the guilty feeling. I guess that comes with Motherhood, eh. 

Whether Sam is Autistic or not, he is still loved more than words can express by so many people, and he amazes me every day.

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