Getting outdoors, whatever the weather

As a family, we all love to spend time outdoors. When you have two toddlers, umbrellas are impossible to use, as you don’t have enough free hands! Last year, I bought the kids puddle suits so we weren’t restricted to only getting out on 100% dry days. We usually pop them on the kids if we are going out to jump in puddles. Syd, especially LOVES doing this!

Since I have been trying to be more active, it’s rained – a lot! This morning, it was raining (again)! So I suggested to DaddyGeek we get the kids in their puddle suits and head out for some splishy splashy fun.

My plan was scuppered when DaddyGeek pointed out that although the kids have their puddle suits and raincoats, we didn’t have anything that’ll keep us dry. After much sulking, we headed off to soft play – again. When we got home, I set about trying to find us some bargain waterproof trousers and jackets.

After much googling, I found some total bargains at e-outdoor – They do Navy Blue Regatta waterproof trousers (£7.95) and a Red waterproof jacket (£11.97). Technically, they are men’s, but I don’t think I’ll care about that when it’s pouring down and I’m dry!

I love the fact these ones come with small bags you can pack them into, so you can take them with you if it looks like it might rain. We have already got Waterproof winter coats, but it’s far too hot to wear those at the moment. I think something like this, teamed with our wellies will mean we can all get out and about, despite the rain!

I reckon they’ll be perfect for letting Syd fulfill her Peppa Pig fantasy of jumping up and down in the biggest muddy puddle in the world! She really is a puddle magnet! Sam loves to stand under trees and look up through the leaves – I might even join him if I am wrapped up in waterproofs!

What about you? Do you still get outdoors when it’s raining? Do you have any tips you’d like to share or any suggestions for places to go when it’s raining?

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