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I hinted in a fairly recent post that I was back on the wagon and determined to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy and afterwards. I think it’s time I explained why in a bit more detail…

When we went to Center Parcs earlier this month, I took enough clothes for each day, plus one spare outfit. On day 2, I realised that none of the jeans I had packed fitted me any more. They were all really tight, and left me with large, unsightly spare tyres spilling over my belt. I had to fasten my size 16 jeans with a hair bobble for the rest of the holiday. Seriously. I could get the zip up, but the buttons were just too tight to fasten. 

When we got home, I weighed myself and found I had gained 5lb in the 5 days we had been away. Despite all of the walking that Center Parcs involves, I had managed to gain a pound a day. I was gutted, but after the jeans horror, I wasn’t surprised.

We got back on Friday 13th and I decided as soon as we were back home, I was on the wagon! I got rid of all the junk food and have been logging all of my intake on MyFitnessPal (username MotherGeek – feel free to add me if you use it too).

I have decided to share my weight with you. I know for a lot of people, this is probably overshare, but I want to be honest and am hoping that by sharing my actual numbers with you, I will stay on track.

When we got back from Center Parcs, I weighed 12 stone exactly. (168lb / 76.2kg to non UK readers). Since then, I have lost 4.75lb and am now 11 stone 9.25lb (163.25lb / 74kg).

I have been sent 3 different activity and sleep monitors to review, and these are helping to keep me active. I will be reviewing all 3 separately on my blog in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re looking for information or opinions on the Jawbone 24, FitBit One or the FitBug Orb. I am currently wearing all 3 of them 24/7.

I don’t have a set goal in mind yet, but I want to get back into my size 12 jeans. I think I was around 10.5 Stone (147lb / 66.7kg) when they fitted comfortably pre babies. With that in mind, I expect I’ll be posting a weight loss update each Friday for the forseeable future.

Feel free to share your own weight loss blog posts in the comments below – I’m all for reading and encouraging fellow losers!

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