Syd’s Style – The Autumn Edition!

I haven’t done a Sydney’s Style post in ages, but wanted to share some of our recent purchases, seeing as how the time has come for the Summer clothes to be packed away. I’ve been spoiling the kids with some lovely new bits and pieces in the past few weeks. This is just a little blog post to show you some of my favourite recent buys!

I went a bit mad in the Mothercare sale a few weeks ago, and got them quite a lot of stuff. Here’s a few of my favourite buys…

I couldn’t resist the stripy Minnie Mouse two piece set! I love the fact the top is long and covers Syd’s bum – no draughts for her! She’s worn this a few times now and it hasn’t ran when it’s been washed. She spends all day pointing at Minnie saying, “Whassis” when she is wearing this outfit – it’s very cute! Syd is wearing age 18-24m clothes now, and all of these pieces feel true to size.

I am a HUGE fan of the Little Bird collection, by Jools Oliver. It is a funky mix of retro styles and modern fabrics. The denim pinafore (middle) has been worn and washed at least twice a week, every week this month! I love the fact the pinafore straps have 2 buttons for maximum lifespan. I also love that I can team it with any long sleeved tee, and it looks different every time! (I put a white one under it with white tights and dark, patent shoes for a dressy look, but we love it with a pink tee and pink converse for a trendy, casual look too. 

The navy and cream striped dress (right) is also part of the Little Bird collection. It is made from 100% cotton and is really thick. It has been washed at 40 degrees 5 times now and hasn’t ran. I love the button detail on the back (3 buttons). It is really comfy and still looks brand new! It has gorgeous mustard coloured detailing too. (The image at the bottom of this post shows this).

Sam’s most recent Mothercare outfit has had loads of compliments! The tie and braces are printed onto the top. The jeans have an adjustable waist and roll up well too. (Sam needs an age 4-5 waist but age 3-4 length so being able to turn them up is a big plus for us)! The outfit has washed well, and is definitely one of my favourites on Sam at the moment! Sam is in age 4-5 now, and all of the Mothercare pieces I have bought him feel true to size. He’s a giant for his age! I have also bought some of the Essential Value tops for Sam for nursery. At
£2.50 each, it isn’t the end of the world when he comes home covered in
paint or lunch! They wash well and are still good quality.

Now the kids are getting to stay in each clothes size for longer, I have
found myself buying better labels for them as they wash so much better,
and look newer for longer! Sam mostly wears jeans now, and I always
make sure I get ones with an adjustable waist. These Mothercare pieces would have been fab value at full price, but they were an absolute steal in their half price sale! I am now drooling over the new collections and wondering how much of it I can fit into their Christmas Stockings hehe!

I had to share this photo from last week of Syd rockin’ her Little Bird
striped dress and her Peppa Pig wellies – she’s just too cool! (See the mustard coloured detailing on this dress – LOVE IT! I am on the lookout some mustard coloured tights for her to wear with this dress – if she ever takes the wellies off!

This is not a sponsored post. I bought, I loved, I shared – Simples!

(These items were Mothercare sale purchases, so may not be available any longer).

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