Today, Sydney and DaddyGeek took a trip to Chorley, for the Flower show.  This is Syd’s account of the day, in her own words…

Sydney Says – Chorley Flower Show

Today I have been to a flower show with Dad.

I walked nearly six miles and saw lots of things.

I saw lots of flowers, that’s why it’s called a flower show!

At the fairground I went on bambi.

Carousel at Chorley Flower Show

Next we had dinner then we went across the floating bridge.

I drew an England flag on a pebble and put it in the garden.

designing stones at Chorley Flower Show

I had a go of tombola and I won a prize!

We learnt lots about nature.

We looked at lots of gardens, then went on four playgrounds.

So there you have it – a 6 year old’s take on their day! Finally, why not check out more of Syd’s blog posts here.

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