If you read my blog often, or follow me on social media, you probably already know all about Monty and Minnie – our bonkers Boxer dogs…? When we were asked to review the Pet Weighter Bowl, I’m not going to lie… I was very excited!

Pet Weighter Bowl

Monty & Minnie are a pair of cuties, but they are also a pair of messy eaters! We’ve had Monty for 11 months now, and Minnie for 9 months, and in that time, they’ve had 3 different sets of bowls each. The puppy ones lasted about 8 weeks before being too small for their portions, then the cheap metal ones were being pushed round the floor and making a terrible noise. Before long, I replaced those with rubber based metal bowls. It took about 6 weeks for the rubber bases to fall off and for us to be back to square one, with the noisy feeding times.

About The Pet Weighter Bowl

The Pet Weighter Base has a screw on lid which you can remove to fill with water or sand. The idea being, this extra weight will keep the bowls still and prevent spillage. Once that’s full, the top bowl clips on easily, and there’s a gap on two sides of the unit which contain release levers. You can easily clip the bowl into place with one hand, but do need two hands to remove the top bowl.

The instruction stickers on the bowl were really clear and easy to follow. The large feeding bowl is plenty big enough for our Boxer’s meals too.

The Pet Weighter Bowl measures 21cm high, the base is 26cm x 26cm, and the top of the unit is 24cm x 24cm. Other than it being too tall to position in front of lower kitchen cupboard doors, it’s an absolute sanity saver! Not once since we’ve been using these bowls have I had to mop up puddles from the kitchen floor. I fill the food bowl with water once they’ve eaten and I’ve cleaned the bowls).

Monty is definitely a fan of the raised eating position…

Minnie loves hers too, but she eats too quickly for me to get a decent photo of her using it! The bowls are super easy to clean, and really lightweight when empty too. I love that I don’t need to bend down as far with the dogs’ full water bowls, and I also love that the bowls hold 2 litres of water, so I’m not filling them up 20 times a day – even in the heatwave we’ve had recently! 

The full unit has an RRP of £26.99. We received 2 Pet Weighter Bowls for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own. 


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