Recently, I have become increasingly frustrated by the amount of money I am spending on batteries. We have loads of rechargeables, but some of the kids toys won’t work with those, so I still have to buy batteries regularly. This lead me to look for gifts for them which don’t need batteries. I asked my Twitter followers for help, and decided to publish a blog post showing the top 10 battery free toys! Read on to find out what made the list!

Top 10 Battery Free Toys

I tweeted asking: What are your child’s favourite battery free toys“? The results were a bit surprising, I have to say!

The most popular battery free toy was the Wooden Train Set. 9 different people recommended this. The Bigjigs version was specifically mentioned by 6 of those 9 people, too! We’ve got one of theirs and it’s so much better quality than the cheap one we got in the supermarket.

The 2nd most popular battery free toy was Lego & Duplo. They received 5 recommendations. We actually made a Duplo wall for the kids back in the Summer. It is still played with every day, and is so cool. We’re HUGE Lego fans in this house!

pinterest pin for top 10 battery free toys


Battery Free Fun!

The 3rd-5th most popular Battery Free toy slots were a draw between 3 well known brands. Playmobil, WOW Toys and Little People all received 4 votes each.

HappyLand came in 6th, with 3 votes. Happyland is a firm favourite in our house, and we’ve got loads of it for the kids for Christmas! It is made by the ELC and there are some amazing half price offers available at the moment! Sign up to their mailing list as they have great offers every so often!

In 7th place was one of my all time favourite toys... The Kitchen/ tea set. This choice received 3 votes. We bought Syd a Wooden Kitchen for Christmas, and got a total bargain! There are some amazing bargains on wooden kitchens at the moment, so sign up for their mailing list!

8th-10th place was also tied. Jigsaws, Books and Doll’s Pram all got 2 votes each. These are all items my children love to play with on a daily basis. So their Christmas haul will definitely contain a couple of jigsaws and plenty of books, too.

Other Worthy Recommendations

There were a few items I expected to see in the top 10 which aren’t there… A Wooden Doll’s House would definitely be on my list. I am determined to find a reasonably priced,  non Pink Doll’s House for the kids. That’s my current mission!

I was also surprised that there wasn’t a single mention of an easel, colouring books, chalk or paint. The most played with battery free toy in our house is a £6 magnetic drawing board. (Think Magna Doodle). I want to get an Easel for the kids, but can’t work out where I’d store it between uses. We also love using chalk outside, and playing games like hopscotch.

A small cute girl on a road in countryside in sunny summer nature, drawing with chalk.

The final toy which I was sure would be somewhere in the top 10 is my personal favourite… the BALL! Every single child I have ever known has owned a ball at some point or another. My toddlers are a bit young for footballs or heavy balls yet. They love to watch me juggle with a couple of ball pool balls, though.

Ball pool balls are one of my favourite rainy day “go to” toys! We have a bin bag full them. I have been known to tip all 200+ of them into the travel cot and the dry paddling pool for an instant ball pool. Additionally, we have also tipped them into the bath for some splishy splashy fun, too. Is there anything you’re also surprised to see missing from this list?

Finally, thank you to everyone who took the time to answer my tweet!

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