:If you read my blog often, you probably know I am a big fan of STEM, and passionate about making sure girls in particular are allowed to explore stuff which was deemed to be “just for boys” when I was a kid. I was pretty excited when we received a Meccano Rally Racer Set to review.

Meccano Rally Racer

About Meccano Rally Racer

The set has an RRP of £19.99 and is labelled as being suitable for children aged 8+ (although Sydney is almost 6 and loved building it with my help). This set contains 159 pieces – including 2 tools, a motor (batteries not included) and step by step instructions to create 3 vehicles. Some of the pieces are metal, and others are plastic. This is a level 2 set, making it ideal for those who are new to Meccano. The set has a construction time of 1-3 hours, and is an ideal set to build alongside your younger child.

The instructions are super clear, and I loved that the screw pictures are actual size. This made it easy to make sure you’re using the right one for each step. The real screw is circled below, and as you can see it is the same size as the image in the instructions.

Meccano Rally Racer

It took Syd and I around 2.5 hours to build the first vehicle in the instruction booklet. Syd was in charge of the screws! It took a few tries for her to remember to turn them clockwise, but we got there in the end…

Meccano Rally Racer


The only niggle we had was that there were no spare screws included in the set. One of ours had a dodgy thread so it couldn’t be used. We still managed to get the car to work – it was just a bit loose on one side. Syd was very excited about making her own car which would really drive – the set didn’t come with batteries included though, so make sure you’ve got 3x AAA batteries to hand when you dive into the set! 

Meccano Rally Racer

Once it was built and had batteries installed, the car looked super cool, and drove forwards and backwards. Syd was super excited that she had successfully made the car, and she couldn’t wait to show her dad!

Meccano Rally Racer

All told, we really like the Meccano Rally Racer set. It’s a great gift for kids (and grown ups) who love to know how stuff works.

The only thing I’d say is:
Make sure you pop in some batteries before you give the set as a gift.

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