We are moving house next month and plan to purchase all of Sam’s nursery furniture once we’re in the new place.
We had hoped Sam’s Moses basket would last until we move, but as he’s
such a wriggler, he cannot sleep in his moses basket at all.

We decided to get him a Travel cot to use until we move, and after much research online, we opted for the Graco Classic Electra Bassinet Travel Cot, in “Urban” (Grey).

We picked this one as it had some pretty useful features, including a
changing table, a light, a raised crib for younger babies and a hood
with toys on it.

When we got it home, I opened the box and found the cot but no instructions!
I struggled to unpack everything and found the instructions tucked in between the pieces.

There are next to no words in the instructions, just lots of very vague pictures!
I struggled for 15 minutes to lock the cot in the erect position but couldn’t manage it.
Hubby came up to help me, and between us, it took us 20 minutes to lock the sides open!
*I have since been told the trick here is to drop the mattress in
before it’s locked as this helps to force it open so you can lock it*

The next challenge was getting the batteries into the light and vibrating base.
The instructions show how to insert batteries into the vibrating base, but not the light.
It took us ages to realise the light section needed batteries as well.

The next issue came when trying to assemble the changing table – it
is not clear in the instructions which way round the cover goes – It
took me 15 minutes to assemble it, only to realise I’d done it the wrong
way up!

Once it was all correctly assembled (1 hour 15 minutes later), it
became immediately obvious you cannot use the hood and toys as well as
the changing table as it’s impossible to get the baby in and out if both
are in place!
Again, we had not read this anywhere online.

We then noticed some small black writing on the changing table (which
is fastened to the cot – not just placed onto it) saying you cannot
leave it in place when the baby is in the cot!
This was a major disappointment to us!
Nowhere had we seen this information during our research online.

We live in a 3 storey house and had previously had to take the baby
downstairs to the living room whenever he needed changing as we have no
space to put the changing mat upstairs.
We thought this travel cot would rectify this issue – we were wrong!
We reluctantly removed the changing table and the hood (Sam didn’t like the hood above him).

Sam has slept in the cot for 2 nights now and seems to love it.
He has slept for over 5 hours straight both nights – a record for him!

So while the features and accessories have not lived up to our
expectations, Sam at least seems comfortable and happy to sleep in the
travel cot.

The vibration base sends him to sleep within minutes, so this is one feature we do benefit from.

The lights on the travel cot are very dull, perfect if your baby just
needs a bit of light to stop them getting upset, but not enough light
to change your baby in or feed them by.

The music and sounds on the cot are not great either – they don’t sooth Sam at all. (See my Ewan the Sheep review if you want something to sooth your baby to sleep).

The cot is also VERY heavy – not ideal if you are planning on using it for actually going on holiday.
It does come with a storage bag though so carrying and storing it are
easier than we expected – you can wheel the cot even when it’s in the
bag as the wheels stick out of the bottom.

The colour is much darker than the online photos lead you to believe – it’s closer to Marl Grey than Silver in my opinion.

The mattress is wipe clean, and seems comfy – a definite plus.
Sam loves the crib, and seems more than happy sleeping in it, and I am
happy I don’t have to bend down to floor level to lift him in and out of
the cot.

When baby gets bigger, the crib part lifts out, and then you have a traditional travel cot underneath.

So… overall how would I rate the Graco Classic Electra Bassinet Travel Cot?

I think i’d give it 3/5 based on the RRP of £99.99.
However, based on the price we paid, I give it 4/5.

Would I recommend it to a friend?
Yes – but i’d point out all of the above first.

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