When I was pregnant, I spent many hours online reading reviews for pushchairs, prams and strollers.
I had no idea where to start, and no idea what I wanted to get from my choice.

After a few months, I realised a travel system would be best for us,
as I use the car a lot, so being able to clip the car seat onto the pram
was a must.

After visiting many stores to try out many travel systems, we opted for the Graco Quattro Tour Sport in Super Nova (Red and Black).

At the time, it was £279.99 and came with the rain cover, car seat, car seat base, foot muff and a changing bag.

It required home assembly, but was not too difficult to put together
(though it was pretty heavy for a heavily pregnant lady to be lifting by

To begin with, I loved the entire travel system!
It felt sturdy, it was easy to steer and control, it collapsed well too.

When the baby arrived & we took him home from the hospital, I was
alarmed to see his entire body was leaning forwards when the car seat
was clipped into the base in the car. (The car seat is rear facing, but
Sam’s head was always leaning forwards).

I did some googling & realised lots of people were having similar issues.
I tried adjusting the base (my car was listed in the approved vehicle
list), I tried adjusting the straps in the car seat too, but it kept
happening. The head support was always in place too.

In the end, I took to driving at a snail’s pace & hoped that once Sam had strong head control, the problem would disappear.
To a certain extent, it did BUT Sam would cry every single time he was in the car seat in a moving vehicle.

When I’d been using the pushchair itself for around 4 months, I began to notice the brake kept on failing.
The first time it happened, I was on a moving tram & had put the
brake on. I let go of the handle to get Sam’s dummy from his bag &
the next thing I knew, he was rolling down the carriage!
I thought I must have forgot to put the brake on & left it at that.

A week later, I was at a pedestrian crossing waiting for the green
man to appear. I had consciously put the brake on as it was a busy road.
While waiting, I sneezed, and let go with one hand (the other remained
on the pram – THANK GOD)! As I let go, the pram flew forwards down the
flattened slope towards the road.
I managed to keep hold with my right hand, and stop the pram rolling
into the traffic, but was shook up beyond belief (as you can imagine).

I repeatedly told people about my brake issue, but people kept saying it was too late to do anything about it.

A week after the sneezing incident, I was walking back from the local
supermarket. I had put a carrier bag under the pram in the basket. It
contained 6x 330ml Pepsi Max, a packet of custard, 4x AAA batteries and a
loaf of bread).
While crossing the road, the basket collapsed and sent my shopping
flying across the road in all directions. The basket pushed down the
brake and jammed it ON! I picked up the shopping (minus the Pepsi) and
put it back in the carrier bag, and I then had to pick up the pram (with
my then 17lb son in it) and carry it all across the road to safety!
I had to take my son out of the pram & lay him on the pavement,
collapse the pram, dislodge the basket & then erect the pram again
to fix the problem before I could put Sam back into the pushchair and
continue home.

When I got there, I burst into tears & told my Husband what had happened.
He told me to contact Graco directly to see what they said. I tweeted them & they told me to ring their customer service! Their customer service told me to contact Toys R Us (The point of sale). Their customer service told me to return it to the store for a free of charge repair.

When I got there, I explained the issues I had had & thankfully
they agreed to issue me with a credit note to buy a replacement travel
system. I cannot fault the service I received at Toys R Us, or the online help I got from Graco.

Overall, my personal experience of the Graco Quattro Tour Sport was terrible BUT there were some things I loved:
It was very easy to push, and climbed kerbs well.
It handled uneven terrain with ease.
It was easy to collapse.
It looked good.
The thermometer on the back gave me no end of amusement.
The fact the hood can be forward or rear facing is brilliant for keeping the sun out of baby’s eyes without needing a sun shade.
The basket was very roomy.
The car seat clipped onto the pram easily.

HOWEVER: There were plenty of negatives too:
The rain cover was impossible to put on correctly
The pushchair was heavy and I struggled to get in & out of the car.
It was huge when folded and took up most of the boot in our Vauxhall Insignia (which has a huge boot)!
You couldn’t stand it up when folded, so the pushchair was forever falling over when indoors.
The hood would get stuck to the front bar when folded and a nightmare to open.
The handle height was not adjustable.
The brakes failed – often.
The car seat tipped the baby forwards and looked unsafe.
The changing bag included didn’t match anything else so was never used.

Overall, my rating for the Graco Quattro Tour Sport is 3 out of 10,
and to be honest, I feel like I am being generous giving it a 3,
considering the issues I had with it, but I did love the pram before the brakes malfunctioned.

I have asked on Twitter if anyone else has had the same issue, and a
few people replied saying their brakes had failed too, so it doesn’t
sound like I got a faulty pushchair.

My advice: BEST AVOIDED!

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