As Britax Mumbassadors, we are lucky enough to be offered a Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat Review. We were recently sent one of the new Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seats for Sam to test. This is a forward facing seat, which is suitable for children weighing 9-36kg, or approximately from 9 months until 12 years old. The seat has an RRP of £275 and it is installed with isofit and top tether technology.

Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat Review

Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat Review

The seat has had two updates since the first edition Advansafix seat was released. The first new feature is the Flexible Side Impact Protection (SICT). This is a connector which you clip onto the door-side of your car seat to provide even better side impact protection (pictured below).

Updates on the Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat Review

The other new feature is the SecureGuard attachment, which ensures the lap belt stays in the optimum position once your child is using the car’s seatbelt, rather than the 5 point harness. (Pictured above).


The rest of the car seat offers the same high quality and safety standards as the original Advansafix seat, which I reviewed earlier this year. You can read that review here if you want to find out more about the car seat’s specifications.

The 5 point harness is recommended for children aged up to 6 years old, or 25kg. The vehicle seatbelt and SecureGuard are only suitable for children who weigh over 15kg. My son, Sam is only 4.5 years old, but is already almost 22kg – he’s huge for his age! With this in mind, I decided to try him without the 5 point harness. I made this video to show how to remove the 5 point harness and install the SecureGuard attachment.

Once it was installed in the car, it was time for Sam to try it out. He loved the freedom of the car’s seatbelt over the 5 point harness. The secureguard belt kept him in the right position, but he did keep removing his arms from the car seatbelt, so I had to revert him back to the 5 point harness, for now.

Forward Facing Only

The Britax Advansafix cannot be used rear facing, which is recommended as the safest car seat option – (Unfortunately, neither of my children are happy rear facing, so for us, it’s safer for them to be forward facing, rather than them being rear facing, screaming and distracting us from driving).

Sam in his Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat

In all my car seat reviews… I like to mention that wearing thick coats when in a car seat is dangerous. The harness / belt won’t fasten tightly enough on your child’s body. So this means they could be seriously injured in the event of a collision. I put cardigans or hoodies on Sam and Syd when we go in the car. Then give them blankets once they are strapped in if it’s a very cold day. (The heating takes a few minutes to kick in in our car).

All told, I am really impressed with the Britax Advansafix II SICT Car Seat. It feels really secure and Sam looks very comfortable too. If rear facing carseats aren’t for your family… The Advansafix II SICT is a brilliant forward facing seat, which will grow with your child. This makes it a great investment in my opinion.

I’d give the seat 5/5 and would recommend it without hesitation.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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