I was recently sent a Galt Tummytime Playmat to review.
It is a colourful mat with a butterfly design. The Playmat features a teether, a rattle, a squeaker and a crinkle sound. It encourages babies to push up and explore, which stimulates physical
development. The playmat has two floating toys, a large mirror, pingy antennae and furry nose. It is machine washable and measures
78cm x 74cm. There is also a caterpillar toy (cushion support) for use during tummy time.

The Playmat advises it is for 3+ months, but Sydney has spent plenty of time on there already. She likes to lie on it (on her back) and watch Sam crawling round about her. She will spend a few minutes at a time on her tummy, too.

Sam likes to play with the Playmat too. He spends ages trying to get the floating toys out of the water section. The mirror also seems to capture his interest.

The water section was a bit tricky to fill, but other than that, setup
was easy. The playmat folds up for easy storage, too. The fact it is
machine washable has come in useful, and it has come out looking fine
each time. It does take a while to dry afterwards, but this is to be
expected. The playmat feels quite padded, but it is not as thick as some other play mats.

The Galt Tummytime Playmat has an RRP of £27.99. The only thing which I think could be improved is the size of the playmat. Sam is only 14 months old, but is too long to use the mat already (He is larger than most 14 Month olds, though). That said, it is great for smaller babies, and I would recommend it to parents with small children. It definitely encourages Sydney to hold her head up during tummy time.

I have given the Galt Tummytime Playmat 4/5 and would recommend it to parents of young babies.
This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the product for review purposes but all words and opinions are my own.

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