Today, I’m sharing my review for Portable North Pole 2015. It is no secret that I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I am, without a doubt beyond annoying to Grinch-like folk from November to January every single year!  It should therefore come as no surprise to you that our Christmas tree has been up since 14th November, and the kids have already received video messages from Father Christmas!

Portable North Pole 2015 Review

Portable North Pole (or PNP for short) is a website which allows you to make personalised videos from Santa. There are several free video options available, or you can opt to buy a longer one, if you prefer. This year, the Gold Package costs £9.99. For that, you can make as many videos as you want, and download them in HD, to keep the magic alive forever! (This is a big plus for me, as I cannot wait to show the kids in 10 years time what Father Christmas said to them).

With the Gold Pass, you can choose from 7 different personalised Christmas videos, and there are over 16 personalisation options as well.  You can also add upto 5 photos to each Premium video, which helps to make them even more magical.

We made this Portable North Pole 2015 video for Sam (A Song Just For You)…

Sam has Autism, and is non verbal. He loves Jingle Bells though, so the video got him VERY excited! He also loves Christmas Trees, so he watched the video with keen interest. (I’m not sure how much of it he understood, but he smiled every time Santa said his name).

Syd’s Video

Sydney has been pushing the boundaries quite a lot recently, so we initially made her a video which showed her not getting onto the nice list. When she saw that her brother had got onto the elusive nice list, she decided it was time to behave. After a couple of days of her being good, I made her this video, and she was thrilled!

For me, the £10 cost is very reasonable. You can make Christmas Eve videos too, which will make the day even more exciting. If you want to, Santa will even send your child(ren) a special birthday video on their special day next year.

I love that 5% of all sales is donated to Children’s Hospitals around the world (Including 4 in the UK).

Other Services

There are also lots of calls you can set up in portable North Pole 2015. These help to make the build up to Christmas even more exciting. You put in your phone number and your child’s details, then good old St. Nick phones your child to discuss the topic you chose. (I’d advise doing a dummy call to yourself first,. Then you can save the number as “Santa” in your phone, ready for your child to see.) Sydney responded really well to Santa’s gentle suggestion that she should listen to her parents a little better.

It was also a great source of amusement setting up my hubby with a phone call from Mr Kringle… There’s nothing quite like seeing your other half’s baffled expression when Father Christmas phones to warn him he needs to stop fighting and arguing if he wants to stay on the nice list!

All told, I really love portable North Pole 2015. I actually paid for our unlimited pass last year, and made a free one the year before that. It’s well and truly become one of our Christmas traditions.

Make sure you head over to Twitter on Thursday 3rd December for the PNP Twitter Frenzy – there will be lots of Christmas prizes to be won, including portable North Pole Gold Passes! See you there from 1-2.30pm! (Make sure you follow @PNPSanta)!

Portable North Pole 2015

This is not a sponsored post. I was given a gold pass for the purpose of this blog post. 

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