Speech Therapy Progress

Until October, I was referring to Sam as “Non verbal” – He didn’t speak at all. He didn’t point, and he didn’t really have any way of telling us what he wanted/needed.

Over the past 4-6 weeks, things have improved massively. First of all, he started bringing us things he wanted. (His empty cup for juice, his ball if he wanted me to juggle for him) etc. This was huge progress. Sydney has recently started to speak a lot more. She already has at least 30 words, at just 16 Months old. Sam seems to have learnt from Syd that speaking is the best way to get what you want.

2 weeks ago, I took him to his Paediatrician appointment. She said “Hi Sam” when we entered the room, and he responded with a big smile and “Hiiiiii-yaaaaaa”! He has said this a few times but never in the right context! A few minutes later, I was explaining that Sam was still struggling to get his needs known as he wasn’t speaking or pointing, and Sam pointed up at her clock! Seriously – as I said “not pointing” – he pointed – for the first time ever! I was gobsmacked and said it must have been a fluke! 10 minutes later, he was pointing at the clock again!

I spent much of the following week trying to get Sam to point at various things, but he didn’t do it once! Last week, Sam had his first Speech Therapy appointment, and I was telling the Speech Therapist about the pointing. As I said to her “He pointed at the clock” Sam turned and pointed at the speech therapist’s clock! I am starting to think he’s playing me LOL!

Since then, Sam has done a lot more pointing, and he has been really vocal too. He’s said a few new words in the past few weeks, too. Sam is now 29 Months old and can say “Hiya, Car, Ta, Grape, Raa Raa, Peppa Pig and Daddy.” He doesn’t say them all clearly, but we can tell what he means. (Daddy is more like A-eeee, and Grape is gaaaape)!

I am so proud of his progress, I could burst! When I collected him from nursery today, he gave me the biggest grin and then said “Hiiiiiyaaaaaaa” when I picked him up for a cuddle. It took all of my will power not to cry all over him!

We have a long journey ahead of us, but the autism fog is finally starting to lift a bit, and I can see a happier place ahead for all of us.

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