An Update On Sam

I posted a couple of weeks ago, saying we’re concerned about Sam’s development, and I promised to keep my readers updated.
This is what’s been happening…

I spoke to our Health Visitor over the phone, and she’s referred Sam to a Paediatrician for an assessment – based on our observations and concerns.

The Health Visitor came out today to see us and discuss Sam’s progress, and our concerns. In typical Batman style, he was asleep while she was here!
She basically agreed with everything I said in my last post. Sam needs to be around kids his own age more, but would probably be better in a “neutral environment”. I am now armed with all the information on local playgroups, and will be taking him next week. I will get Hubby to look after Syd the first few times we go, then hopefully I’ll be able to manage them both together once Sam is used to the environment, and I know a few people there to ask for a bit of help. (Syd is really demanding, so it’s impossible to chase after Sam and keep hold of Syd).

The Health Visitor says we should receive our referral letter in the next few weeks, and then we will have to phone to make Sam’s initial appointment.

Sam does seem to be picking up new skills. He still isn’t walking or talking any better, but he seems to be playing a bit better with Sydney now. (She is sitting unaided now, so I do a lot of playing on the floor with them both).

As always. Thanks for reading, and I will keep you’s all updated.

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