An Update On Sams Special Needs School Place Journey

I blogged back in April about how Sam hadn’t been allocated a viable mainstream school place. We appealed that decision and (as expected) we lost. The way the system allocates school places, kids are only considered to have special educational needs if they have an EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) saying so. 

We were fully expecting this decision, so after some major soul searching, second guessing and lots of discussions, we decided to ask for a place in a special needs school for Sam via his EHCP application. If you read my blog regularly, you probably recall that the only special needs school in Salford had 3 alleged cases of abuse towards non verbal kids with Autism recently, so I was unwilling to consider sending Sam there. 

Last week, we finally received word that Sam’s EHCP had gone to panel, and they made a decision…. They have agreed to foot the bill for Sam attending a Special Needs School which can meet his needs outside of Salford! 

This is a HUGE step forward in our quest for Sam starting school! We still have a fair amount of work ahead of us though… Now we need to contact our shortlisted schools to find out which (if any) have a place available for Sam. Then we need to go and view those schools before we make our decision. We can’t do any of this until September, though.

Once we make a decision, the paperwork needs to be completed and then Sam can begin his transition into the chosen school. Ideally, he will be in school by Christmas. I am being realistic though, and working on the basis he will be in by February half term. 

So as it stands, Sam will still be doing 9.30am – 11.45am Monday to Friday until he transitions into his school. At least we are moving in the right direction, though! 

If anyone is in the process of completing their child’s EHCP and wants some advice or pointers, feel free to drop me a line. You can find me on Twitter @TheMotherGeek

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