Nursery – 6 Weeks In

6 weeks ago, Syd started attending the same Private Day Nursery that Sam goes to. The first week was all about her settling in. For the past 5 weeks, she has been doing 3 afternoons a week.

The first 4 weeks involved her crying every time I left her there, and every time I collected her. They told me she had been fine once I left, but that didn’t stop me feeling guilty. The past 2 weeks have been much easier. Now, she happily talks about what she has been doing. “Syd water flowers with Amanda” has been said at least 50 times a day for the past few weeks.

Now she has settled in, she asks me every morning if she is going to play with her friends. When I say no, she usually lets out a sigh then says “See friends morrow, mummy?” I love how much she enjoys going now. She really is flourishing. Her behaviour has improved, her speech has come on and she is sleeping better too. I’m over the moon with how much progress she has made in such a short time.

I decided to put Syd in for afternoon sessions so I could get some 1-1 time with while she’s there. (He does 5 short mornings, so Syd gets 1-1 time with me, then). Doing it this way has been brilliant for both of them. Sam loves his 1-1 time. We get to go places I’d never dream of visiting with them both together. (We’ve been to Legoland Discovery, Sealife Centre, Heaton Park and Stamford park). I have lots of other activities planned as well. 

Sam’s speech and eye contact have improved a lot since he’s been having 1-1 time. It’s not all happy news, though. The afternoons where I have both of them are pretty dfficult. Sam wants me all to himself then, as well – much to Syd’s dismay. We’ve had quite a few to-do’s on these days, but hopefully Sam will get used to the new routine soon. I am doing 4 nursery runs a day when Syd is in nursery. (Sam does 9.30-12pm, Syd does 1-6pm). This is a bit annoying BUT it helps burn off all the cake I have been eating lately!

I am so proud of how well Syd has adjusted to nursery. I am now crossing my fingers she gets a place at the school I viewed earlier this week, as I am confident she will continue to flourish there as well.

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