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Sam is 3 now, and was diagnosed with Autism 3 months ago. Since then, several different people have mentioned how much their autistic child improved when they switched to a Gluten and Casein free diet. In case (like me) you have no idea what casein is, I shall explain… It is basically the protein found in milk. Gluten is found in wheat.

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that Syd is intolerant to milk protein. This is partly why I am considering trying this diet in our house. Syd is also very sensitive to wheat – too much and she will become very constipated, bloated and grumpy. Sam tends to avoid wheat heavy foods like pasta, bread and cereals, but he loves things with breadcrumbs on, the odd slice of fruit loaf and occasional piece of cake or biscuit.

There is a large range of Gluten Free food available in most supermarkets now, and they both eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg anyway, so I’m not worried too much about eating at home. I am worried about how nursery will manage to keep Sam’s diet gluten and dairy free, though. Also, how we will manage to eat out. We are used to buying dairy free anyway as Syd can’t have it, so this won’t be too much of an issue.

I don’t think Sam will handle a full on switch very well, so I am going to switch out things gradually. (Swap his usual fishfingers for Gluten/Dairy free ones), his milk for Syd’s koko, his usual home made fruit loaf for gluten free flour. We don’t eat many processed foods because of Syd’s allergies, so it’ll only be the nuggets & fishfingers that he will miss. I’ll have to triple check my quorn items, but can easily give the kids meat instead. (I’m veggie).

Have you done the Gluten Free, Casein Free Diet? Did you see any improvements? Am I wasting my time? It seems to be a 50/50 split from what I have read. You have to go into it 100% as it’s an elimination diet – you won’t see results if you have weekly slip ups. It needs to be constant.

I have recently been made aware of A2 milk – this is fairly new to
the UK, and contains only 1 of the 2 types of casein (milk protein).
Research suggests that a lot of people who have a Cow’s Milk Protein
intolerance can handle this milk. (The cows are all breeds which don’t
produce the A1 protein which are the ones most people are intolerant to –
just the A2 proteins). I have tried it myself, and it looks and tasted
like normal whole milk – I found it in the fridges at Morrisons.

I don’t think this fits within the casein free diet, as technically
it is still casein… Has anyone used it instead of normal milk and seen a change?

I’m not brave enough to give it to Syd as a drink,
but I will try some when cooking and let her taste it. She got some
tummy ache last time I used normal milk in mashed potato, so next time
the dietician says I need to try her again, I think I’ll try A2 milk. I’ll update this post once we have used it with Syd or if I hear from anyone who has used it with success along with a casein/gluten free diet.

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