Crazy Week For This Geek

If you’re a regular reader or a subscriber to my blog (HI MUM!!!!!) You’ve probably noticed things have been a little quiet around here recently.

I have got a squillion excuses as to why, but it all boils down to one thing… LIFE! I love blogging, but these past few weeks, the real world has been far busier than normal, so blogging time has been almost none existent.

First up, we had Sam’s birthday to sort out. In between building his trampoline, I was busy shopping and prepping for our holiday to Center Parcs (More about that later this week). 

We were away from Monday to Friday last week, and Sam has been poorly since we got home. After 2x hospital visits with a bleeding ear yesterday, he seems to be on the mend. (More about that later this week, too)! 

Finally, in between all of that hullabaloo, I have slowly but surely been piling on the pounds. I ate like a pig on holiday, and not one word of a lie… I could not get my jeans to fasten on the last day. To say it was soul destroying would be an under statement!
As a result of that, I am now well and truly back on the wagon.

Hubby managed to maintain his weight while we were away – despite hes addiction to Starbucks Coconut Mocha Frappe’s. Me….? I gained 5lb!! I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to log my food and track my intake since Saturday, and I have managed to stay under my recommended intake of 1300 calories every day so far. I am not going to lie – it was like torture yesterday – after spending the day holding Sam down while Doctors tried to look into his ears, all I wanted to do was inhale a packet of biscuits. I didn’t though. I have lost 2 of the 5lb I gained pre holiday, and I am determined to shift another 19lb as well. That’ll get me down to around 10 stone 7lb and into my beloved size 12 jeans. (I hope)!

Feel free to add me if you use MyFitnessPal – I’m MotherGeek over there. 

I’m off to play catchup with Game Of Thrones now, but I have lots and lots of things to share this week, so stay tuned for more updates.

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