They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for many Christmas can be stressful and a time they simply wish to get out of the way. So with that in mind, today I”m sharing some of the things people dislike most about Christmas. So read on to find out what they are. 

People Dislike Most About Christmas

A recent study found that a third of people won’t be disappointed if the current restrictions in England and other parts of the UK are still in place when it comes to Christmas. Given the risk to loved ones’ health… A lot of people (myself included) think it’s safer to stay away from friends and loved ones this Christmas.

Of course, the festive period in the main is largely about spreading love and cheer. But what are the things people dislike most about Christmas?

Christmas Jumpers

Recent studies found that opinion on Christmas jumpers was very much split. With just as many loathing them as they do love them. One thing is for sure is that they are prominent in every household when it comes to this time of the year.

A close up of a Christmas jumper - one of the things people dislike most about Christmas

In fact, they are so much a staple, that one brand has even added them to a special Christmas bingo card. Moon Bingo, who have been a prominent figure among gamers during lockdown have produced a limited edition festive bingo card for people to play at home. With novelty jumpers among the squares that are required to be marked off.

Bad Gifts

That’s alongside bad gifts, and in particular the present of socks. Yes, it’s a mother’s favourite for men especially, yet they’re a gift nobody really wants.

It may sound a little ungrateful, but a large number of people hate the bad gifts most about Christmas, whether that be underwear, or simply a ghastly gift that nobody really wants, from ornaments to plants and more. 

Sleeping Away From Home

A far more understandable reason as to why people don’t like the festive period is… The fact that they are spending a significant portion of time from their own home. People tend to descend on one household during the period. So that means sleeping in a different bed, and having to endure routines that aren’t your own.

This can be a stressful period, and it is important to get the balance right. Especially this year as other factors will certainly come into play when it comes to stress too.

Staying Entertained

Everything changes at Christmas. The television schedule sees the same films rolled out year after year. Shops, pubs and restaurants are closed, or close earlier. So you generally have to source your own entertainment.

A woman in a dressing gown looking miserable with the tv remote in her hand and a Christmas tree beside her. Is Christmas TV one of the things people dislike most about Christmas?

That isn’t easy, and is one of the major reasons why people like to see the festive period out of the way. So they can get back to normality. This year, we may be used to that however. So it could be a factor that isn’t really as significant, given that we’ve spent the best part of nine months having to occupy ourselves. Finally, check out this post if you need some ideas of ways to be kind to yourself.

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