With the launch of the new PlayStation and Xbox systems, it can be easy to get caught up in the hype. So today I’m asking… do you really need one of the new consoles? Read on to find out my thoughts.

Do You Really Need One of the New Consoles?

The advertising, the promise, the excitement, and the games, all of these can combine to lead us to make less than well-formed decisions. Having spent a lot of time going over the question ourselves, we want to investigate – do you really need one of the new consoles? If not, what could be the best choice to get the most out of your gaming buck?

The New Systems

If you’re reading this article, then chances are you’re curious about the new entries from Sony and Microsoft above all else. While it is true that these new consoles represent an enormous leap forward in power compared to their predecessors, there are also a few downsides for early adopters to keep in mind.

First of all, is the issue of access. While not lasting forever, much of the first few shipments have been bought up by scalpers. This means that, while they sell for £449 retail, they’re going to realistically cost much more. You’re free to spend your money as you wish of course, but we’d caution readers to remember that these don’t come with warranties. Considering the first shipments of consoles can have problems (the Xbox 360 had a failure rate of 23.7% on the early systems), these purchases are risky.

When considering whether you really need one of the new consoles, bare in mind there is usually a lack of launch titles. These consoles are so new that very few games are out for them yet. So there isn’t much of a reason to buy – yet. While they do offer expanded libraries in the form of backwards compatibility… These titles can be played on older consoles and are hardly system sellers themselves.

With these issues in mind, we’d still like to explore other avenues of gaming to get involved in. After all, the age of the female gamer is here, and you don’t need to be on the most cutting-edge tech to get involved.

group of friends playing on console after deciding yes to Do You Really Need One of the New Consoles?

Exploring Other Routes

Our first suggestion for gamers is to consider the now last-gen consoles of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On the most expensive ends, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X cost £300 and £350 respectively when new. These can run a lot cheaper second-hand. Additionally, since these are more established units, the chances of them suddenly dying as launch systems do is relatively low. Though, if you go down this route, be sure to double-check their conditions before-hand.

Handheld Gaming Systems

For handheld gaming, you have a couple of major choices these days. In terms of traditional video games, the go-to choice is the Nintendo Switch. The only major player in the modern space, the Switch doubles as a TV console, and offers some of the best games on the market. With Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey as absolute must-plays, this is always a great choice. Even better, the fixed hand-held versions of these can run around £200 new, so you don’t need to break the bank.

young boy playing Nintendo Switch at home. His parents answered Do You Really Need One of the New Consoles? and decided the switch was sufficient

Mobile Gaming

Otherwise, a strong contender in the handheld space can be found in your humble mobile. This is not only the most convenient option for obvious reasons, but is also incredibly flexible. For example, with mobiles, you can easily step outside of traditional video games and into online casino games like those at Vegas Slots. Working within online infrastructure here will also give players access to bonuses. These include deposit matches and free spins, which can keep you playing longer for less. These tend to work freely over all Android and iOS devices, so access is simple.

Desktop Gaming

Finally, we also have the option of PC and laptop gaming. This can be expensive if you’re looking for the best on the market. With some new graphics card alone costing as much as an entire console. Although you don’t always need to swing for the fences. The great thing about PC gaming is that effectively the entire library of games from 1995 onwards are playable on modern devices. This means tens of thousands of full titles, many of which are incredibly cheap to get a hold of.

Back view of female gamer playing on powerful computer PC late at night in the living room.

No matter where you choose to start in the world of gaming… It’s almost impossible to not find something that’s a perfect fit. Whether you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a new system, or you want to try something more established… You’ll never be left wanting. Just remember, don’t get too much better than your friends, or they might not want to keep playing.

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