Almost 4 years ago, I blogged here about switching to E-Cigs. At the time, I’d been using them for a little over 2 weeks – and I haven’t touched a cigarette since. They were still fairly uncommon back then, only just starting to gain some traction.  Today they’re pretty common, and very easily bought on the high street.

DaddyGeek Talks E-Cigs

Much has been said about using them as a gateway to stopping smoking. However, I can honestly say that if that is your goal, e-cigs are not the answer.  Personally, I always enjoyed smoking. Although I hated the smell and obviously the health issues it brings.  E-Cigs are a perfect balance for me … None of the smells, and significantly healthier. But still giving me the ‘release’ that traditional cigarettes did.


The popularity of e-cigs has of course meant that a great deal more is on offer for those that use them. You can buy disposables, all kinds of devices to suit any lifestyle, and a massive range of liquids to use in them.  A quick online search for something like best e-liquids uk, will bring up all sorts of flavours… From traditional tobacco to more unusual options, including chocolate.

DaddyGeek’s ECig journey

Prices have also dropped significantly too. A disposable (which lasts a few hours) can be had for 99p. While £5 buys you a ‘decent’ refillable starter kit (minus the liquid).  Liquid refills can be found pretty much everywhere now – including the likes of Asda and Tesco.  For the thrifty, you’ll find them in most pound shops too. Indeed, I recently saw them going to 29p for 10ml.

For the less thrifty, a whole host of gourmet e-liquids are on offer with pretty much every flavour you could imagine.  You can buy elegant, classy devices, such as the Provari for a little under £200 too. It’s the ‘Rolls Royce’ of E-Cigs.  Many will scoff at such cost, but in reality if you’re a 20-a-day smoker today, it’s paid for itself in the first month. (I’d recommend a starter kit first though!).

When I first started with e-cigs, I would spend on average £30 per month on refills and the associated accessories.  Today, I spend less than £10 per month – replacing my cartomiser monthly, and around 50ml of e-liquid.  Along the way I’ve bought additional batteries too. Some turned out to be rubbish, others have been perfect. The most expensive one I bought was £30, and that is still going strong 9 months on.

E-Cigs vs Cigarettes

One of the most significant things I’ve noticed since swapping is… I no longer get ‘anxious’ about the need for nicotine when I’m out.  Back in the days I smoked regular cigarettes, if we visited a shopping centre, I would make a point of leaving the building for a smoke every hour. Often whether I needed to or not – simply because I’d worry I wouldn’t get another opportunity anytime soon. (As I type that, I realise just how bad that sounds!).  Knowing that I ‘can’ use it indoors if I need to, means I more often than not, don’t.

I certainly feel much healthier (my lungs at least – old age is steadily getting to the rest of me now!).  I’d never recommend a non-smoker to take it up, and I still make a point of telling my children it’s ‘dirty’.  Certainly with the variety and effectiveness of e-cigs today, if you’re a smoker I’d strongly recommend trying them. Even if you tried years ago, they really have moved on a lot in the last 5 years. To the point I’d say you really wouldn’t miss ‘analog’ smoking in the slightest.

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