Earlier this week, Sam turned 3. Can you believe it? 3 years have passed since he arrived! I am still a little shocked at just how fast time is flying by. Read on to find out how his 3rd birthday celebrations went.

Sam’s 3rd Birthday

Sam needs a solid routine. We know that he gets distressed and his behaviour and mood slip if things aren’t “just so”. For this reason, we decided to stagger his gifts from us over a week or so. Our aim was to prevent his day being too overwhelming for him to enjoy.

We built his main present (an 8 foot trampoline) 4 days before his birthday. He was a little uneasy about using it for the first couple of days, but by the time his birthday rolled around, he was squealing with delight as I bounced, thus making him bounce too!

The Day Itself

His actual 3rd birthday was relatively “normal”. Aside from him looking thoroughly confused when I started singing “Happy birthday” at 6am, he wasn’t really bothered by any of the other events.

We opened his cards and presents for him while he played on his iPad and ate his breakfast. He didn’t want to do it himself, and showed little to no interest in the cards or gifts once they were open.

The only exception to this was the Roary the racing car birthday card from Syd, which he tried to destroy.

Sam's 3rd Birthday balloons and gifts

Sam went to nursery as normal, and I sent in a birthday cake for his class. All of the kids loved it – except Sam! He ate a satsuma instead! Once he was back home, we had lots of cuddles, and played with his new xylophone. I’d got him a carrot cake, and he got very excited when he saw this! He ate more than one slice!

Birthday Tea

We stuck to his normal teatime, bathtime and bedtime routine, and Sam coped amazingly throughout the day. He got a little grumpy and impatient when I tried to get him to play with some of his new things, but on the whole, he had a lovely (very low key) day. We were meant to go to Legoland Manchester the next day to celebrate, but that was rainchecked, so Sam is still owed one epic day out to celebrate his birthday!

I have to be honest. I found his birthday really difficult. I wanted to spoil him rotten, shout from the rooftops and celebrate his birthday with all of our nearest and dearest. I had to remember that it was Sam’s day though, and it was his happiness that had to come first. Sam hates fuss, and he hates change, so the low key day with carrot cake, an extra episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and some new helium balloons was probably perfect for him.

Birthday Gifts

He has since become very attached to some of his gifts. The Batman figure which came with his imaginex Batmobile has barely left his hand. He’s been showing him round the house, and even taken him on the trampoline! He has enjoyed scribbling on his new easel as well, though Syd has definitely done more of this than Sam has!

Speaking of Sydney… She was so excited by all the cards and gifts that she was back in bed, sleeping by 8.30am! I am looking forward to getting birthday tastic in 2 weeks’ time to celebrate her special day!

In the meantime, though… Here’s the caped crusaders in their “Bounce” (As Syd calls it)!

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