Another update on Sydney

So, after what seems like an eternity of feeding and pooing issues with Sydney, we are still no further on.
Two weeks ago, she was given lactose free formula, in the hope it would reduce her vomiting. She was given lactulose last week as the new formula made her more constipated than ever.

Over the weekend, Sydney was throwing up worse than ever. Well over half of everything which went in was coming back out.
Cue lots of crying (from both of us), outfit changes (again – for us both), and round the clock feeding.

Today, The GP decided the issue wasn’t a lactose intolerance as the formula hadn’t helped. So now we are back on normal formula, plus infant gaviscon (again), plus 2.5ml Lactulose 2x daily to help ease the constipation, and I have to give her water every day too. If in a week she is still being as sick, or still constipated, she will have to refer us to the hospital.

Sydney has had three bottles since we switched back to normal formula. The first two, she drank nicely, burped easily and did the tiniest amount of spit up. She was also really content after them. The Third feed was colder than usual as we had a power cut and no way of warming it up. It was room temperature. She threw over half of that bottle back up. It had been Five hours since her last feed, so technically she shouldn’t have been full.

I guess time will tell. I will warm ALL of her bottles tomorrow to see if that helps to reduce spew fests.

Wish us luck!

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