It’s day 9 of Blogtober, and today’s prompt is Invitations / Letters – in honour of #WorldPostWeek. Rather than bore everyone silly with talk of stamps and calligraphy (which I was genuinely debating doing), I have opted to do a little quiz style post instead…. Name 5 mums I’d like to invite for tea!

How frightfully British!

I know, I know – the notion of sending out an invite for tea is about as English as it gets. My thinking is this though – Imagine meeting up with some of the most famous Mums around, and being able to have a natter while you slurp tea and eat cake. What’s not to love?


Who would I invite for tea?

In no particular order:

J.K. Rowling. If anyone knows about the real life struggle of writing while juggling kids, it’s got to be her! Imagine how many tips she could pass on – not to mention I could ask her some of the Harry Potter related questions which have drove me crazy for decades….!

Alanis Morissette. She is one of my absolute music heroes, and a huge advocate for mental health too. Her songs got me through some seriously tough times, and I’d love to find out what kind of a mum she is. I can imagine her being pretty laid back, but not uncaring – a bit like me, I guess.

Stacey Solomon. I love how she is so honest on social media. Sharing her mum tum and saggy boobs, as well as speaking out about PND. I think she’d be a great coffee date mate!

Sharon Osbourne. Come on – who wouldn’t want to have a natter with Sharon and find out if Ozzy is really as batty as he seems to be!

Katie Price. Honestly, I am a little shocked to be putting her name on this list. As a special needs mum, I can’t help but love how vocal she is for her kids and how she fights for them all – especially Harvey. She’s made plenty of mistakes, but so have we all. Most celebrities who have children with special needs turn their back on the limelight. I’d love to know how and why Katie juggles motherhood and showbiz.

So there you have it. The 5 Celebrity mums I’d like to invite for tea! I wonder if they’d prefer coffee…?! I hope Victoria sponge would be ok!

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