I was tagged by HollyhockDoor to join in with the 10 things you don’t know about me challenge. She’s set the below questions for bloggers to answer… HERE GOES!

TEN things you don’t know about me

1) Who is your favourite literary, fictional or film character?

There are so many to choose from. I really want to say Samwise Gamgee because he is loyal, and he cooks an amazing second breakfast! That said, I was definitely most inspired by Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden as a child, though. I have a disabled sister, and took it upon myself to ignore everything the professionals said, and treat her 100% normally. This resulted in her learning so many new things, her teachers couldn’t believe it!

2) Where would you most like to live?

Until I got married, I always dreamed of living in Australia. Now I have children, I’d settle for somewhere safe for them, with access to decent education and with family close by. (The North West of England it is, then)!

3) If you could fly or be invisible, which would you choose?

DEFINITELY invisibility! If I were invisible, I could sneak onto planes, and fly anywhere I wanted anyways – WINNER!

Decisions Decisions! 

4) What is your dream vehicle and why?

Really sad, but I’d love to have my very first car back. He was a blue Vauxhall Corsa (2002) and I still miss him lots!

5) What is your favourite flower or plant?

I suffer with hayfever so tend to avoid most flowers. However, I love huge Lavender bushes. I could watch them sway in the breeze all day. I’m also a fan of Sunflowers.

6) Why did you start blogging and what keeps you going?

I began blogging as a way to share our son’s progress with our friends and relatives who live far away. Nowadays, I continue going because I have made so many friends. Additionally, I  am keen to spread awareness about Autism as well as keep people updated with our family adventures.

I hate queue jumpers!

7) If you could live in any historical time period, when would you choose?

Ooooh. I bet I was a Suffragette in a former life. That, or a peace loving hippy! Don’t believe me? Read about the time I formed a one woman picket line at Silverstone F1, was almost ran over, and arrested! 

8) Where did the name for your blog come from?

I’m a mother… and a geek… it was a no-brainer hehe!

9) What would your patronus be (or, if you’re not a Potterhead, your spirit animal or the animal you’re most like)? 

Hmmm…. A Reindeer? Peaceful herbivore if unchallenged, but may stick a (metaphorical) antler through you if provoked 😉

10) What is your idea of perfect happiness? (shameless borrowing from the Proust questionnaire here)

Peace, love and safety…..? Who am i kidding? CAKE, COFFEE and a FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP! 

Now I tag Grumpish Mum and Clearly Bex to join in the ten things you don’t know about me challenge!

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