This year, I’m hosting a series of guest posts from bloggers sharing their Christmas traditions. Today, it’s AJ from AJ Loves‘ turn… AJ’s blog lifestyle and health focus, but she also covers much more than that. Without further ado… here’s AJ’s guest post….

AJ’s Christmas Traditions

When Tina said she was looking for guest posts about Christmas traditions, I knew right away that I wanted to share mine.
Despite only being a family of two, our Christmas tradition started with a view to making Christmas easier once we had children (if we are ever so blessed). This is why I think it’s a great tradition that works for families, couples, and even friends.
We have a couple of traditions but my favourite one is based around Christmas presents, and follows this wee poem:

“Something you want, Something you need,

Something to wear, And Something to read.”

A few years ago, I was scrolling through social media (as per usual) and I was struck by the amount of posts I saw imploring people to be more conscious of those less fortunate at this time of year. Many of my friends, who are parents, spoke of how saddening it was when their children thought, “Santa” didn’t love them as much as their more fortunate friends, because they didn’t receive as many presents.

So when I found this poem online… A poem that makes a game out of Christmas present buying. A poem that limits Christmas presents to just four – I knew that it would be a great tradition to start for our future family.

What’s Involved?

It’s really simple to follow, and the parents I know who have started doing it make sure their children know that mummy and daddy bring these presents, and Santa is in charge of stuffing their stockings.


For us, while we do not have any earthly children, the poem makes gift buying easier as the prompts are right there pointing us both in the right direction.

I love our little tradition, as it means come Christmas day we are not left opening things we have no use for. Gone are the socks, and Lynx Africa gift sets. Gone are the smelly lotions and potions that just end up gathering dust in the bathroom cabinets.

All that remains is four well thought out gifts that each of us will use, love, and appreciate.

Merry Christmas, Blessed Yuletide, and Happy Holidays folks

Love AJ

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A Word From MotherGeek…

I cannot begin to say how much I love this Christmas tradition! We have two kids, age 6 and 7, and I wish I had done this. Christmas has become a very expensive headache, and some of the magic has definitely been lost in our house.

I am crossing everything you guys have a little bundle to share your tradition with very soon XX

Finally… thank you for sharing your Christmas Traditions, AJ!

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(So you know… this is not a paid post – I’m  just hoping to spread a little Christmas cheer).

One thought on “AJ Loves’ Christmas Traditions

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad you love our tradition, we do too haha! Although if my husband’s comment of “can you be a little less expensive next year please?” Is anything to go by it can still get plenty expensive doing it this way lol.
    Hope the rest of your year is a good one!
    Aj xx

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