Some people are always told “haven’t you got lovely hair”? Others are frequently complimented about their beautiful eyes. Me? I get told I’m tall. Personally, I don’t think my 5 foot 9 height is particularly tall. One of my sisters is taller, and my brother towers over the pair of us. Clothes stores beg to differ, though. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of my biggest tall girl problems….

Tall Girl Problems

1). Buying Tights.

I don’t know what it is about tights manufacturers but they don’t seem to realise that taller women need more fabric. Buying a size up makes them wider at the waist, not longer on the length. This means tights usually fall down really easily on me – unless I wear knickers over the top of them. (Bridget Jones has nothing on me)! Don’t even talk to me about Gym wear – these calf length cropped Gym pants look like baseball pants on me – look! This is definitely up there with my more irritating tall girl problems!

tall girl problems - woman wearing 3/4 length trousers which are up to her knees.

2). Tall girl problems – Flying Economy.

It’s been 8 years since I last went on a plane, and I can’t say I miss it. I’m not exactly a giant, and my knees are always up against the seat in front when on a plane. So I’m sure most men and women taller than me are as squashed and uncomfortable as I am when I fly.

None of my friends are tall, so getting them all to pay for extra leg room was never an option. And me sitting on my lonesome on a flight so I can stretch my legs is always a bit depressing. So I usually just suck it up and deal with the back and leg pain. I’d love to be able to afford to charter a private jet so I could get whisked away in style some day. (Wouldn’t we all)?

3). Taking Photos With Friends

My best friend when I was younger was 5 foot 1. When I had heels on, I’d tower over her at 6 feet tall. This meant that on every single photo, I look MASSIVE! I am usually at an awful, looking downwards or weird squatting type angle so look like some kind of body-less person. I’m usually looking downwards too, so always have a beautiful double chin too – unless I do the drunk, kiss thing…..

tall girl problems - tall woman stooping down to kiss her friend's cheek.

4). Door frames

As I mentioned earlier, I would be over 6 feet tall in the heels I used to wear when I was younger. This was fine, until I was drunk and forgot to duck under the toilet cubicle door frame in a pub and knocked myself out. Seriously. I came round lay on the toilet floor, massive egg and bruise on my forehead. As well as a massive egg on the back of my head where I went down. This wasn’t a one off. I’ve smashed my head off so many lamp shades, cupboard doors, car doors and other tall people traps, it’s ridiculous!

5). Long Sleeves

High Street stores have got loads better recently, and buying jeans and leggings is no longer the headache it once was. Long sleeve tops is still like mission impossible, and ranks high on my tall girl problems list, though. They usually end up looking like 3/4 length sleeves, as I have to push them up as they are too short when fully down.

This applies with coats too – in fact, I spent the whole of last Winter trying to find a coat which fitted, to no avail. I ended up with a Men’s one instead. JOY! I think that it is somehow assumed everyone in tall clothes has a huge chest… This is definitely not the case with me, so nothing ever fits me right at all. It’s probably why I live in jeans and t-shirts, or Leggings and Tunics. No Jumpers on me – unless they are pushed up to 3/4 sleeves – even in January – look!

tall girl problems - woman with sleeves pushed up.

6). Buggies

Thankfully my kids are older now, but when they were babies, finding a pushchair I could use without breaking my back was top of my tall girl problems list. I had so many prams, it was embarrassing. I had to push most of them stooping down and it left me with some serious back pain. The only ones which I could push comfortably was our Phil n Teds and our BOB, both of which had a rotating handle bar so could be used at several heights.

Are you a tall lady? What’s top of your tall girl problems list?

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