Can bees cure hayfever?

I have suffered from Hayfever for as long as I can remember. Over the years, quite a lot of people have suggested I eat locally produced honey to combat it. I did this a few years ago, and it did help quite a lot. I have always wondered if it was indeed the honey which improved my symptoms, or if it was a coincidence.

I decided to ask the experts!

Tony Gray is the expert bee keeper over at Adopt A Hive.

I asked Tony: “Do you believe that eating locally produced honey can reduce hay fever symptoms?”

Tony said: “Yes I do! It contains small quantities of pollen, which act homoeopathically to reduce allergens.”

So there you have it! The expert says eating locally produced honey will reduce allergens! It only works with local honey, though – it’s no good eating honey which was made in another region as the pollen types will be different. (This is why hayfever sufferers can be ok in one park or garden, but their symptoms worsen when in specific places.

Disney’s The Hive toys have teamed up with bee charity Adopt-a-Hive in a
new campaign to raise awareness for the plight of wild bees in the UK.
Together with the popularity of this favourite Disney TV programme, the
campaign will be gaining support for wild bees and educating children
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I am working with Adopt-a-hive to help to save the bees! Did you know that 20% of children aged under 10 in the UK have never seen a wild bee? I remember seeing them all the time as a kid. I was never their greatest fan as a child, but I was always taught to leave them alone and they will do the same. I was never stung by a bee. Now I am older and appreciate how amazing honey is, I am keen to do all I can to help protect our bees. (Though I’m not about to set up a hive in my back garden)!

I was sent a jar of Adopt A Hive Honey recently, and it is some of the nicest honey I have ever tasted. The kids loved it too. The health benefits of honey are huge. Cough, cold and sore throat remedies contain it because Honey is anti bacterial and anti viral. Eating some honey every day is also meant to boost your immune system.

To find out more about how you can help save the bees with Disney’s The Hive toys, visit – There are also loads of fun activities, as well as competitions to win The Hive Toys!

This is not a sponsored post. I wanted to share the info, so I did. Simples.

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