I am joining in with Butwhymummywhy‘s “Some things that I love” linky this week. Here we go!

Some Things That I Love

Something I Read:

Shucks – I loved reading my own name in print this week – did you see it? I was in Toy News Magazine, discussing how hard it is to find info on toys suitability for kids with additional needs. It’s definitely worthy of a place in this some things that I love round up.

Something I watched:

New Dexter! The final season has started, and I am scared to see how it’ll all end. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but if you don’t have an American iTunes account, it’s on Fox UK at 9pm this Sunday! (7th July). Would Dexter feature in your some things that I love list?

Something I wore:

some things that I love - haircut

Firstly, I think my new hair do is definitely the most exciting thing I have worn this week! I went from having almost waist length hair to having a “bob” style cut – a short one, with a fringe! EEK! I’m not feeling it to be honest. But it’ll grow back quick enough.

Secondly, the jumper-dress I am wearing in the photo is new too, actually. It was a complete bargain in the Very sale! Reduced from £25 to £7! It’s for winter really, but it was cold and wet on Tuesday, so I couldn’t resist giving it an early outing! It was very warm & comfy – not at all what you want to be wearing in July!

Something I listened to:

I am not one for listening to Radio 4 usually, but a friend told me about “The Reason I Jump” and I knew I had to tune in. It was the book of the week last week, but I listened on catch up. The Reason I Jump is a translated book, originally written by a non verbal Autistic boy – Naoki Higashida. It’s his explanation as to why he acts the way he does, so it was a real eye opener.

Since reading it, I have found myself communicating differently with Sam, and he seems to approve. We’ve been having a LOT more cuddles. Whether you have a child with Autism or not, it is worth reading this book! (The book of the week is no longer available to listen to online).

Some thing I cannot live without:

The internet!

It is amazing just how much information is available out there. The amount of information I have read on Autism, and the different accounts I have found have helped me no end. I think that social media has made dealing with Sam’s possible autism a bit easier. Speaking to others who have been in our position has helped me to focus on the things Sam is amazing at, rather than dwelling on the areas he needs extra support.


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