Photo 365 – EPIC catch up

I haven’t shared my photo 365 on my blog for ages – sorry! No excuse, I just didn’t get round to sharing them. I have still been updating my instagram account with the photos, though.

To view all of my photo365 images, check out my instagram profile.

Here are this week’s photos, just to get you up to speed…!

Sunday 30th June 2013: (Day 180)

Syd figured out how to climb onto the mini trampoline today. She spent a lot of this afternoon looking like this!

Monday 1st July 2013: (Day 181)

Who says cats and dogs don’t get along? Ellie (our cat) got very cosy, cuddled up to our puppy…!

Tuesday 2nd July 2013: Day 182

Today, I had my hair cut off! This is my pigtails. They’ve been sent to Little Princess Trust now, to make a wig for children with cancer.

Wednesday 3rd July 2013 – Day 183:

Syd upturned a drawer this morning, throwing its contents everywhere. Then she pushed it up to the sideboard and made herself a little work station! Too cute!

Thursday 4th July 2013 – Day 184:

Sam got beyond giddy at bedtime tonight. He can reach the light switch in his room now, and turned the light back on, before trashing his cot then passing out! So cute!

Check back soon for another photo365 update!

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