If you’ve followed my blog from day 1, you’re probably already well aware I am a Yo-Yo dieter. I have an “all or nothing” mindset, so when I’m in the zone, I lose weight easily. When I go off track, I don’t just eat a few take aways, I go REALLY off track. To the point where I have gained 3 stone in the past 3 years. Despite losing over a stone 3 times in between. As well as my clothes growing and my confidence shrinking, another major impact has been me starting to snore. Today I am discussing the correlation between snoring and weight gain. I have never been a snorer, but now Hubby says I wake him up several times a night – OOPS! He is exhausted most days and that definitely makes me feel guilty.

Snoring and Weight Gain

Snoring And Weight Gain

As well as joining Slimming World, I have been looking for temporary fixes which could help reduce / stop my snoring until I get my weight under control. One thing which has caught my eye is the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. This is kind of like a gum shield in a way – it makes your lower jaw move forward which opens up your airway and reduces snoring from the first time you use it! I’m not a fan of taking medicines, so the fact this is “drug free” definitely appeals to me.

The VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is FDA-cleared, BPA- and Latex-free. It also comes with a 60 day money guarantee and for a limited time, it’s shipping free to the UK.

Snoring And Weight Gain

As well as that, there’s a code for $10 off, so you can get one for $49.99 delivered when you use MOTHERGEEK at the checkout. That’s £37.24 based on today’s $ to £ exchange rate.

Poor Hubby

My snoring isn’t an issue for me, but it is disturbing hubby, so I definitely think I need to do something before it becomes a real problem. The Mouthpiece moulds to your mouth for the perfect fit, and you can still sleep in any position – this is a big thing for me as I know I snore when I lie on my back – the comfiest position for me. The mouthpiece is available in 2 sizes – Small is usually the best fit for women and regular for men. The website says you can exchange free of charge if the one you opt for doesn’t fit.

It won’t win me any prizes for sexiest wife. But if it helps hubby sleep, then I’m all for giving it a whirl. I am of course open to ideas and suggestions. Do you know of anything else which can and will reduce or stop my snoring?


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