Syd and I eat Ready Brek most Winter mornings – it’s central heating for kids AND Mums in our house! When we were asked to collaborate with Ready Brek and Despicable me 3, I accepted right away.

Win With Ready Brek and Despicable Me 3

If you’ve got kids over 5, chances are you’ve already been subjected to the Minions. I have to be honest here – I was a fan of those little yellow critters long before the kids were. The same goes for Ready Brek – one of my earliest memories is my Mum putting a bowl of it down for me, with a huge dollop of strawberry jam in the middle. (I think we were out of sugar that day)…!

Our Ready Brek bundle arrived at 8am on a Monday morning, and I had to hide it from the kids, otherwise they’d have never got to school on time!Ready Brek

Ready Brek have teamed up with Despicable me 3, and are giving away LOADS of cool prizes! Each box has a unique code printed inside. You type in the code on this website and cross your fingers you’re one of the lucky winners.

Despicable Me Toys

We all sat down and watched Despicable Me 3 together – Syd gave us a running commentary as she went to see it with her friend at the cinema. After that, we unpacked our Mineez submarine and set to work finding out which Minions had come to serve us…!

Minions Toys with ready Brek

The packaging was pretty fiddly to open – there were 2 layers of plastic around the Fizzer. Syd was disappointed when we realised it wasn’t a bath bomb, but she got over her disappointment when we popped it onto the sink and watched the submarine emerge….

Despicable Me 3 Toys - Ready Brek

With an RRP of £9.99, the Fizz n Surprise Submarine pack isn’t a cheap “blind bag” style toy. It did have a cool added dimension in the fizzer though. If this had been suitable for putting in the bath with the kids, I would definitely have bought more myself. As it is, they are fun stocking fillers but definitely not toys I’d buy the kids without good reason.

More Information

Of course Syd disagrees, and wants to collect Mineez now.

Luckily for me, you can pick up traditional Despicable Me Mineez blind bags for £2.99 in plenty of stores. Additionally, 3 packs for as low as £3.50 if you shop around online. (Syd tends to get a blind bag as a reward at the weekend, if she’s had a good week at school). There are 75 Mineez to collect, and they are suitable for children aged 5 and over.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Ready Brek? Are there any Minions fans in your house?

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