If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you probably know that I am a big fan of everything festive. Food, fun and festivities are the bread and butter of December in my mind…… Except this year, I joined Slimming World at the beginning of Dec. I have been full of a cold, so not had much fun. Additionally, festivities have been few and far between so far. One Christmas tradition I was determined would return for us was Portable North Pole. (or PNP for short).

Portable North Pole

The guys at PNP sent us over a cute Do – Good Elf along with a complimentary pass this year – much to my delight. (What – I said I’m a big kid)! Our Elf was named Barry and has been having some shenanigans of his own. He’s much bigger than his cousin Chippy (Of Elf on the shelf fame)…

Portable North Pole

Barry has possible limbs, which means he can sit over the edge of the fireplace or put a hand in the air – much to the kids- delight. They love the fact they can play with Barry. (Chippy’s story book says you can’t touch him or he will lose his magic). My son, Sam was staying out last week, so we introduced Barry for him to take with him on his sleepover.

Portable North Pole

Barry The Elf

Sam was immediately smitten with Barry, and Barry has slept in Sam’s bed ever since. Barry has an RRP of £20 and is available from John Lewis now. 5% of that is donated to UK Children’s hospitals, and you get access to 4x exclusive PNP Do-Good Elf training videos when you buy a Do – Good elf, too. I think Barry looks a lot more child – like and less scary than Chippy does – do you agree?

Barry The Elf

As always, the PNP videos have made the kids’ December so far. This was Sydney’s video….

Portable North Pole Videos 2017

Sam’s video this year was also brilliant and he got very excited as he watched it too…

If you’ve not had enough Christmas Magic, you can view all of our PNP videos from 2015 to now – including the exclusive Do-Good elf training videos on my youtube playlist.

If you want to make a PNP video for a child, grown up or group in your life… You can make a shorter free one, or pay for the premium videos. Honestly, I think it’s money well spent! To get 20% off your premium subscription which allows you to make unlimited videos, enter there code PNP7BLG20 on portablenorthpole.com – I highly recommend it! You can make videos, record your child’s reaction when they watch via the app, make phone calls, and much much more. If we hadn’t received a complimentary pass, I’d definitely have paid the full price of £10.99, so £8.79 is a bargain and a half!

Finally, find more of my Christmas content here!

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