Syd is 6 now, and she is in the box room in our house. It’s so small that half of her toys are in Sam’s bedroom as there simply isn’t space to store them in her’s. Now she is 6, it’s time we set about updating Syd’s bedroom. We are hoping to get her a High Sleeper style bed like the one shown below, so that she can use the space underneath the bed to store more of her toys and free up some more floor space to actually allow her to play with them.

updating Syd's bedroom - high sleeper bed

Our plans for updating Syd’s bedroom

Due to her room being small, we are going to go for light colours when updating Syd’s bedroom furniture. I think this will make the room seem brighter and less imposing than her current pine furniture. It’s also easier to add matching pieces of white furniture as we go along. Not to mention making it easier to change the overall style of the room, without redecorating.

Updating Syd’s Bedroom – Goodbye Curtains!

Syd’s bedroom window is right in the corner of her bedroom, so a curtain pole always looks awkward. I/m planning on ditching her curtain pole and opt for a roller blind. All being well, I will add a white wooden window / crown valance to hide the roller though. (I guess growing up with a Joiner Dad makes me a bit obsessed with wooden valances. My Dad made them for every room in our house, as he hated the fussy fabric ones – as do I). If I were going to put curtains up. I wouldn’t bother with a valance, but I think that without a curtain pole, roller blinds really need them to make them look perfect.

At the moment, Syd loves space and stars, so I was super excited when I found this glow in the dark blackout roller blind on Direct Blinds

updating Syd's bedroom - roller blind

When it comes to flooring, we will probably stick with the laminate she’s got down already. Our budget isn’t massive, and the floor is still almost perfect anyway.


Accessories wise, I will probably let Syd choose her own bedding and pictures to hang on the walls. I expect there will be a fair bit of Pink in her choices. Fingers crossed I can sneak in enough light grey to tie it all together with the pale grey feature wall I am hoping to add. The below photo shows Grey and pale Pink working well together.

Syd is only 6 of course, so I’m fully expecting her to want bright pink or even mermaid or bunny themed accessories, which is fine by me. It’s always good to have a plan B though, isn’t it?

updating Syd's bedroom - grey and pink


I will hang lots of fairy lights underneath the cabin bed for her. As well as adding bookshelves at the ladder end of the cabin bed… ┬áSo she can grab a book then climb the ladder to relax on her bed. I can see the new freed up space quickly being turned into a chaotic assortment of her Sylvanian Families, Party PopTeenies and Baby Secrets collections. I don’t mind though – as long as they are out of the living room and Sam’s bedroom, it’ll be worth it!

What do you think of my plan? Would you do anything differently?

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