If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know we are HUGE fans of books and Christmas in this house. This year, I want to bring the two together and do a Christmas Book Advent Calendar (aka #XmasBookAdvent) for everyone to enjoy…

Our Christmas Book Advent Calendar

If you’re not familiar with the concept, let me explain: Most Advent Calendars involve opening a different window each day of advent. So if you’re lucky, you might get a piece of chocolate. If you’re VERY lucky, maybe you’ll find a toy there. A Book Advent is just what you’d expect… a book every day!

Some people only include Christmas stories, others include a mix of all kinds of stories. Sometimes, people buy all new books for their Book Advent, others wrap up books they already own, swap books with friends or even borrow some from the library. It doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Once you’ve got your collection of 24 books, you wrap them all up individually, and your child (or children) then open one book, on each day of Advent. The idea is that you read the story together. I know that my little bookworm, Sydney will love doing this, and hopefully Sam will, too.


My plan is to put all of the books I collect together in this gorgeous Christmas Crate which Plantabox sent over…

Christmas Book Advent Calendar - storage

I’m sure a wrapped up cardboard box, with no lid could look work too. So far, I have currently got around 15 Christmas Books hidden away from prying eyes. I’ve had a few sent over from publishers, and I have purchased a few bargain books from Amazon. Later this week, I am going to head down to The Works, as they’ve got loads of Christmas Books at very reasonable prices. (4 for £5 on a lot of them)!


My plan is a little more crazy than most people’s… I am going to make a youtube video of each book being read, and share one a day on my blog and youtube channel, during Advent. That way, my readers / viewers can join in the Christmas Book Advent Fun too.

Make sure you check out my blog and Youtube Channel on 30th November for a bonus early story in our Advent Book Series…. (Elf on the shelf starts on 1st Dec, so I always read the story to my children the night before). If you’re not doing Elf on the shelf, you may want to wait until 1st December before heading over.

Do let me know if you are planning on making a Christmas Book Advent Calendar for your kids.

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share my master plan early enough for other parents to sort out books ahead of December if they want to do a Book Advent too. 

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