Appy Days – Issue 1

Welcome to my new feature – Appy Days! I plan to share my thoughts on Apps here. I will review iPhone, iPad and Desktop Apple apps. (Yup – I’m a Mac)!

I have been meaning to write a review for the new MotherCare app for ages, so I figured it would be a good one to include as my first Appy Days App!

It is a free app, and it does MUCH more than just online shopping!

Some of the things I liked the most aren’t really much use to me now I am not pregnant! BUT…

For Mums to be, it has a brilliant pregnancy week by week section. In here, you can record your weight, waist, bump and bust measurements. I loved doing this. There’s a handy place in here to add a weekly bump photo too – I took one every day 2nd time round – it’s amazing looking back at those late stages of pregnancy, seeing how much your baby bump has grown.

Mothercare TV is full of useful videos. It covers everything from trying to conceive and buying guides to practical advice on bathing and swaddling newborns. Great for new and experienced Mums. There are also videos from Jools Oliver and Myleene Klass, answering common pregnancy questions.

You can keep up to date with the Mothercare blog from the app too. This was one of my 3am go to blogs when I was breast feeding. It has some great advice on pregnancy, babies, and Motherhood in general.

The Baby Tunes section is my favourite thing on the app! It contains lots of FREE TO PLAY songs. It includes tunes for bump, babies, toddlers and white noise! YES – get the hoover, hairdryer, rain, wind and white noise sounds for free via this app! It’s worth getting the app just for the White Noise – trust me!

The Baby Names finder is one of the best I have used. It is definitely the best free one. You can search by boy’s, girl’s or both, and there is a funky “shake for a random name” option too. This is always good for a laugh. When you click on a name you’re interested in, it tells you the meaning and origin of it. You can also save it to your favourites too. (FYI: Tina means “River”)!

The Baby Timer allows you to time kicks during pregnancy, contractions during labour, and whatever else you want to for your baby! You can record feed durations, sleep durations and you can set custom durations too – if you want to. The timers continue to run, even if you come out of the app. I loved this. It’s perfect for timing breast feeds. The custom option lets you name your timer too, so you can put the date in (for example) if you need to record specific feeds. You can also email the data, so it’s not limited to your iPhone. This was really well thought out in my opinion.

If you’re out and about, use the scan feature to scan a barcode. This will allow you
to view additional product information, access product videos, read
customer reviews and add items to your Mothercare wish list.

You can of course also shop via the app. Order tracking is also possible, as is checking and updating your account. As free retail apps go, this is definitely the best one I have used. It does the job of several other (chargeable) apps, for free, in one place. The app is definitely worthy of the 5 star rating I gave it. I have been using it for weeks and haven’t found any bugs or glitches as of yet.

If you download the app, you get £10 off your first app order over £50 as well!

This is not a sponsored post. I used, I liked, I downloaded. Simples.

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