Today, I’m sharing my Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Storytime Toys Review. We were recently sent a selection of Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Storytime Toys to review. We received the following sets:

  • 1x Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time – Story Time Figure Pack (RRP £10).
  • Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Storytime Castle Playset (RRP £20). x1
  • 1x Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Storytime George and the Pumpkin Carriage Playset (RRP £15).
  • Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Storytime Tea Party Playset (RRP £15). x1

All 4 playlets are suitable for children aged 3 and over. No batteries are required in any of these items. My children are aged 3 and 4 now, and both love Peppa Pig. I made this unboxing video to show you exactly what is included in each of the 4 sets…

Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Storytime Toys Review

The main thing I loved about all 4 of these sets was that they were very much gender neutral. In my opinion, boys will be as happy to play with these sets as girls will be.

My 4 year old son has autism, and he has really taken to these sets. He especially loves the castle and the pumpkin carriage. Sam can’t speak, but he has been smiling non stop, pushing the carriage around and watching the characters spin.

I do just want to mention that a couple of the taller characters can’t sit in the pumpkin carriage or it won’t spin. Rebecca Rabbit’s ears and Peppa Bow Peep’s hat were the offending toys within those we received.

Peppa Pig Once Upon A Time Storytime Toys Review

The drawbridge on the castle can easily be raised and lowered, and the gate can easily be raised to allow access. The Pumpkin Carriage won’t pass through the gates though, much to my 3 year old’s dismay.


The castle itself isn’t furnished like the older Peppa Palace set was, and it’s much less detailed. (The video above shows this clearly). Despite this, if your child likes Peppa Pig play figures or the TV show, then chances are they’ll love these sets.

The storybook included with the figure set doesn’t open, and the teapot included with the Tea Party set is solid too. The 3 chairs included with this set are well made. Some characters can sit so securely the chair can be tipped upside down and they’ll remain seated. Other characters can only balance on the chairs. (The video shows these factors clearly).

I’d give the sets 4/5, and would recommend them as gift ideas for Peppa Pig fans.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the items to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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