We were recently sent this fancy dress outfit to review from Otley Run Fancy Dress.

Syd is, of course dressed as Anna from Frozen! This is Anna’s gorgeous Coronation Dress. It costs £18.99, and is really high quality. It has 2 layers – a darker green underskirt and a lighter green, floaty layer which is decorated with glittery patterns. I expected the glitter to end up everywhere, but so far it has stayed put!

Syd is currently wearing age 3-4 clothes, but the dress only came in either 2-3 or 4-5. I opted for 4-5. It is a bit long for her yet, but fits well otherwise. The top part of the dress is pretty stretchy, so I am confident it’ll last well. (Sam wears age 5-6, and it fits him as well – Yes… I tried it on him) – Don’t let it be said my reviews aren’t thorough!!

We had a party at the weekend, and Syd wore the dress all day. She got it covered in cake, but thankfully it brushed off!

The one thing which lets the dress down is the really confusing care instructions. It’s not clear from the labels if the dress is machine washable, hand wash only or dry clean only. There are 3 separate labels, and all 3 give different instructions.

So far, I haven’t washed it as I’ll be gutted if it gets ruined. I’m guessing the glitter will come off if it’s machine washed, so I’ll probably spot clean it for now, and hand wash it when it needs it. Aside from this issue, the dress is amazing. I am already wondering which outfit to get for her next!

I’d give the outfit 4/5. I knocked off 1 mark for the unclear washing instructions.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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